Grudnichok constantly straining and groaning .Why newborn grunting and straining in his sleep , while feeding ?

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With the birth of the long-awaited baby parents feel not only the indescribable joy, but also a huge responsibility on the small "lumps of happiness."Every respectable family tries to create comfortable living conditions for their children and doing everything possible to his health is not threatened.But without difficulty, as you know, raising a child is not possible.

matter of concern most often crying, colic and abdominal pain.Many are worried that grudnichok constantly straining and groaning, even staying in a dream.To identify the root cause, you need at least a little to understand what it can be connected.Our task - to deal with this problem and find out why this happens.

newborn grunting and straining: the reasons for this behavior

All babies during bowel movements are starting to issue incomprehensible sounds and very annoying.Terrible and frightening in this is nothing, if there are no other signs of discomfort (temperature, crying, screaming, convulsions, bloody mucus).If this behavior occurs constantly - day and night, accompanied by grunting and straining, it is likely the child are worried.Thus the baby expresses emotions and feelings.The most common causes include:

  • appearance of dried crusts in the nasal passage, which prevents the penetration of oxygen - the baby tries to breathe, and can not, all accompanied by different sounds and strong tension.Mom should be cleaned regularly nose nasal aspirator.
  • Pediatricians believe that grudnichok constantly straining and groaning after overeating.This is a normal reaction to discomfort in the intestine (digestion).If the chair does not change, and emptying takes place in a timely manner, you can have a massage or a tummy exercise "bike", which will facilitate the rapid revitalization of the digestive tract.

intestinal colic

Colic usually appear in the third week of life, and may last up to a year.These bouts of cramping in the abdomen combined with the following symptoms: poor appetite, frequent regurgitation, urging legs, altered bowel movement, vomiting, bloating, weight loss, regurgitation.Child grunting and straining all night and cries of pain.

This is a problem faced by every other parent, because the baby has not yet developed the intestinal tract.Nursing mothers should be more carefully selected menu, so as not to provoke colic.Be sure to exclude products that cause severe flatulence.It is advisable to drink baby drink, improves digestion.

swallowing air

baby constantly straining, grunting sounds and publishes regurgitated if the intestine with food hit the air.After each feeding is recommended to keep the child in an upright position.Then put it on its side, so that when burping the baby choked formula.Periodically put him on his tummy, it is in a better position going flatulence and abdominal muscle strengthening.

delay chair

problem changes the normal rhythm of defecation becomes widespread.Typically, the bowel movement is performed once every few days, and with great difficulty.Grudnichok constantly straining and groaning, with red and crying.The root cause is improper infant formula (for bottle-), impaired maternal diet (eating forbidden foods), frequent use of laxatives, use of enemas and pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.

diagnose the problem can only be a doctor with the full survey.Independently solve it and find out why a newborn grunting and straining in a dream, it is dangerous for the life of the child.Do not get involved enemas, suppositories and laxatives because they wash away nutrients from the growing organism.

How to prevent constipation?

Always pay attention to the behavior and habits of their offspring.If you notice that the child is constantly straining, he crosses his legs and severely straining during evacuation, this is the first alarm about the possible violations of the gastrointestinal tract.To avoid such a strictly controlled diet, monitor the amount of fluid intake, do not introduce solid foods before six months.

If the baby is a mixed or breastfeeding, the mother should keep track of the menu.Adapted better to choose a mixture of the doctor's advice and try not to change it.Rid baby constipation also helps exercise and massage.Neurologists and pediatricians advise your child to do daily exercises: podgibaniem legs, "bicycle", stroking tummy (clockwise).Teach proper technique specialist.

Many doctors recommend giving crumbs products containing lactulose.The drug normalizes the flora and has a mild laxative effect.In the first months of life the baby can be treated with medicines carminative, but only for its intended purpose specialist.

Why newborn grunting and straining in a dream?Norm or Pathology

baby most of the time in a dream, and this is considered normal.This dream must be calm and not intermittent.It is natural to assume that, when the child sobs, groans and wheezes.Bad sign is the voltage constant crying and urging legs.

This indicates the presence of intestinal problems.The cause may also be infectious and nervous diseases.It is possible that it simply overfed or vice versa - he wants to eat.For a relaxing and full of sleep a child to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room.

regularly ventilate the room, maybe baby just stuffy.The absence or lack of fresh air, physical activity and emotional warmth adversely affect the condition of the child.Try to respect the rest and feeding, especially to a year.Do not forget to follow hygiene: after each emptying produce wash, change diapers and lubricate fold cream.

often puffing and grunting caused tingling hair on different parts of the body.It irritates the delicate skin of the baby and provokes discomfort and anxiety.Washed the baby broth succession, chamomile or potassium permanganate before going to bed, wear clothes made of natural fabrics.Folk medicine recommends honey to lubricate the irritated areas.This advice is not suitable for everyone.It is better to consult your pediatrician.

When to see a pediatrician?

If grudnichok grunting and straining around the clock for a long time, it did not hesitate to refer to the primary care pediatrician.Try to remember how last all sound cries of the baby, how much he tenses and when is often observed.Also pay attention to the associated symptoms or their absence.All this information is extremely important in the survey.

It is possible that the body of the newborn adapts to the new conditions of life.Usually grunting stops when adjusted digestive work.But even if your child is gay, cheerful and eats well, put off a visit to the doctor is not necessary.It will not be worse.The pediatrician will recommend appropriate means for the prevention of intestinal disorders and colic.


So we know why newborn grunting and straining, and described the main reasons leading to such a problem.No child is immune from disease and discomfort, but unable to help parents cope with the baby gas, colic and constipation.Adjust your diet, take care that no air enters the intestine child poite it with plain water, avoid hypothermia.

And, of course, carried out daily exercises, pay attention to the baby and walk more.Remember that even minor symptoms can turn into a huge problem if you do not see them in a timely manner.Good to study the behavior of their offspring, as grudnichok constantly straining and groaning when experiencing new emotions or expresses discontent.