How to teach a child to swim?

Everyone knows that life originated in water.It is no accident almost all love to spend time in the waters or in the pool.The benefits of swimming is undeniable.During swimming work all muscle groups, it strengthens the cardiovascular system, improves the function of the lungs.After water treatment is obtained relax.It became possible to go swimming throughout the year.In summer, for this there are excellent reservoirs, and in winter its services offer numerous pools.

Learning to swim from the first days

teach kids to swim from the first days of his life simply.After all, children have an innate reflex swimming.All 9 months of fetal development is in aqueous medium.No coincidence that many parents are hesitant to carry and birth in the bathroom.

first lessons with a newborn can be done at home.Up to two months of a baby generally feels well in water and almost does not need the help of parents.But if you miss this time, will have to start training from scratch.A newborn baby can own under the water hold your breath and make a special swimming movements.Many adults are interested in how children swim under water.There is nothing surprising in this.Nature took care of the newborn to feel safe in the aquatic environment.

Swimming lessons with a baby under one year

training should begin only when the newborn umbilical wound is completely healed.The first swimming lesson should be carried out at home.Bathroom is quite enough for a small person.Education is preferably carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

The lesson begins with the fact that the baby takes bath with a parent.The water temperature in this case should not be below 37 degrees Celsius.The water temperature may be lowered by a few degrees with each successive occupation.During the academic year should be reached to the mark of 28 degrees Celsius.

very important during the training is being parents.Fears and bad moods can be transmitted to the newborn.You should know also how to hold the baby during the voyage.If the baby lies on its back, it must be held by the neck and buttocks.In the prone position should be to support the baby's chin.

Watch how little children are swimming, always a pleasure.And the realization that these exercises also bring huge benefits, creates even more positive emotions.Swimming allows you to quickly get stronger little body.Toddlers learn to sit much faster, to stand on their own feet and walk.

Swimming from the first day - a healthy and quiet child

There is no doctor who would be denied the benefits of swimming for infants.Starting lessons from an early age, parents solve several problems at once.A very important argument is security.The child, with whom we learn to swim from the first days of his life, never be afraid of water.This means that the probability that he choke on the pond or even be afraid to go into the water, is virtually nonexistent.

secret is not the fact that the future of human health depends on how to properly care for them in the first years of his life.Swimming is an excellent simulator.Lessons let you really lay a solid and reliable foundation for future health.Therefore, it is important to start early swimming lessons at an early age.

Another positive aspect of swimming is hardening.Children are gradually getting used to the low temperature of the water and great temperature changes are transferred.These kids are much better feel in the winter cold and practically do not get sick.

Cons grudnichkovogo swimming

Despite the huge benefits of navigation with a newborn baby, the parents need to know also about the second side of the coin.In some cases, swimming can adversely affect the health of the baby.The main reason lies in the fact that the newborn is not able to express their emotions.He can not tell that the procedure he did not like.In addition, while swimming in the ears or nose of the baby can get water.And it is fraught with otitis and other inflammatory processes.

Before you teach a child to swim, you should definitely consult with the district pediatrician.It is not recommended to carry out studies with infants who have birth injuries or low Apgar score.

should initially decide where to teach a child to swim.Indeed, during the dives baby can swallow a little water.Swimming pool with chlorinated water exactly the wrong option.After these lessons in the infant can occur indigestion, colic, or will be tortured.Ideally for swimming need to use boiled or filtered water.

lessons with a child older than one year

with older toddler swimming lessons will be a great pleasure.The procedure will love the child.Today, in large cities it operates many pools in which the group recruited for different age categories.Kids have fun splashing in the water with their peers.But parents should know how to swim in the pool properly.After all, the depth is much greater than in the home bathroom.

security and well-being of the child is always responsible parents.Therefore, during the lessons can not be divorced from the child on a step.Despite the fact that swimming lessons are often held in the "paddling pool" (swimming pool with a shallow depth), the baby can slip or lose your balance.So before you teach a child to swim, it is desirable to acquire security products.It may be the product of foam or rubber rings.Often special devices in the pools shall be rented.

How to be if a child is afraid of water?

Some children even ordinary hygiene in the bathroom suffer very badly.In this case, the process of bathing turns into a real test not only for children but also for parents.One has only to imagine how a child will behave in front of a large volume of water.With fear definitely need to fight!

fear of water - it's not a whim or disobedience.Kid subconsciously worried about their safety and lives.Therefore, in no case can not shame the child scold him or to put him in the example of their peers.Few simple steps, parents can help your child overcome fear without problems.

overcome fear and go to the pool!

Do not frighten the child plenty of water.Initially, a small basin will suffice.It is necessary to transform the process of bathing in an exciting game, which will be discontinued at the first request of the little man.

Psychologists say that fear of water to a large extent is the reluctance of choking.It is necessary to teach children to hold their breath.Make it easy, you can use the spray.This way you can have fun with your baby in the bath, gradually accustom him to the water.Bathing in the bath can also be replaced and shower.And swimming lessons for beginners should be sent only when the child will normally receive a large volume of water.

Swimming in open water

Swimming outdoors is slightly different from the carrying out of activities in the pool.Despite the fact that the clean air and the sun's rays contribute to the strengthening of children's health, swimming in the open air can be dangerous.First of all because we can not know for sure whether the water is suitable for water treatment.In addition, many unscrupulous visitors leave debris on beaches set portion of which is in the water.

Those who still decided to spend the first swimming lessons with the child in the pond, should prefer trusted sites.Ideally, it should be paid beach, which is regularly cleaned and checked sanitary services.This is the place where will be able to teach a child to swim with the least damage to health.

But who has a cottage in the country, can be a great alternative to outdoor pool.And it is not necessary to build expensive construction.In commercially available frame pools, which simply put, and understand.This option is inexpensive and could well serve for several years.

Prepare child for summer holiday

Those parents who are not promptly taken care of teaching their children the basics of swimming, tend to do it just before the holidays.But to teach the basic techniques of the baby can not be in a few days.Start classes must be at least one month before the holiday.

It is very important not to rush the child.After all, everyone has their own learning pace.There are children with special design of the body.They are quite difficult to be kept afloat.So kids need more training to learn how to swim really well.

Before you leave your child will need to purchase high-quality swimming suit, and security features on the water.An excellent option would be armlets.They will not interfere with the child and allow him to feel more confident in the water.

learn to swim on his back

The simplest considered freestyle swimming.It is this method children learn in the first place.Every occupation good instructor develops the child's ability.Already in the third - fourth lesson, parents are wondering how to teach a child to swim on his back.

trained to swim on his back a must!Primarily because the swim this way is much easier.A person can be in the water a long time, while lying on your back, you can easily restore power.Moreover, such a body position in water allows better breathing.Kids who know how to swim on their backs, have better coordination.This, in turn, contributes to the improvement of brain and cognitive development.

recommended to swim on the back children who have problems with the spine and posture.In this way, perfectly strengthens the back muscles and pelvis.

has backstroke also the psychological aspect.The problem is that many kids can not overcome the fear of large amounts of water.Those who manage to float on his back, the fear turns to forget forever.In addition, children who have mastered this type of navigation, use it almost constantly.

Safe swimming - the key to successful development!

The benefits of swimming, you can talk for hours.Teach children this lesson is possible and necessary from an early age.Before you teach a child to swim, we need only take into account the peculiarities of small organism.If the parents do it right, they will help your child overcome fears and perfectly enhance health.

Swimming is sure to become one of the favorite activities of the child.The more that water treatment can be carried out at any time and in any weather.One only has to purchase a subscription to the pool.