Phrases for Dating with girls.

When you want to surprise and impress the young lady at once, the first sentence for dating women should not be stereotyped."Hello how are you?"or "Can you meet?"completely inappropriate.The youth of today by art pickup often understand huskies, beautiful music on a wall in social networks or the banal messages asked the girl about what her mood, plans, where she will walk and whether to do it together.Sheer trivial ...

The most important

All have long forgotten about medieval knights kurtuaznyh who could not make it a compliment or write a poem, but were ready to fire and water, and copper pipes go through to protect honorcompletely unfamiliar to them ladies.

All this is like today, and ridiculous in the extreme, but the fact remains that the guys often just make phrases for dating girls bear the same type and do not cling to any of the living nor for the dead, but still often startconversation with rudeness and vulgarity that has absolutely looks not only improper but also pointless.What normal woman would want to chat with a young man who spews offensive in the first moment of acquaintance?No, guys, it's not cool ...

Meet outside

It just so happened that the phone and the internet were not from the dawn of humanity, so initially all familiar in the open air or at someone at a party.The second option was and is a very popular and reliable, because there do not need to dream and think of what to say to the young lady: a conversation is fastened via mutual friends directly on interesting topics.

Another thing, when you like a girl, walking toward the street, and you just can not miss this beauty by itself.What can I say girl?The first rule of this dating - do not delay!No way!The moment when the object of your attention will be located nearby, is short, so feel free to come, run up and palite of all guns, so much so that it was original and cute.Questions, "Do not tell me what time it is?" Or "How to get to the library?" Trivial.

«Right" phrase to explore live

The main advantage here is your appearance that a purely psychological point of pushing or, conversely, dismisses her.But equally important is what you speak.Be confident and focused.Here's a note on the appropriate sentence for dating girls:

  • girl, I live without you I can not!
  • How much is a minute of your time?I'm probably as much in his life did not earn ...
  • you shine brighter than the sun, outshining the entire world ...
  • I think, or just on your sight all the flowers bloomed around?
  • If ever I meet you again, I promise a wedding!
  • Girl, you do not tell me how to make you happy?
  • your beauty does not worship one of the ancient tribes of Indians?

World Network: an outlet for the shy and the optional front for sociable.Types of dating

Recently gaining popularity especially the so-called online dating.They may even be classified according to the platforms on which they occur:

  1. special website on which users specifically looking for a pair («Mamba», Badoo and many others).
  2. social network where you can view the photos and write a private message to any person ("VKontakte», Facebook).
  3. All sorts of messengers (eg, Skype or ICQ), where there is no access to visual information, but it can be on-line to engage in dialogue in the event that if you have pre-login girl.It is interesting to discover on such resources "blind" when you do not know how looks the interlocutor in the face.

course, easier for people to not go out of the house and sipping a cup of tea, knock fingers on the keyboard and search for new and interesting people with whom they then may have to meet, and maybe not.The first phrases for dating women in the Internet played a key role for the future of communication: it is interested in you or something caused her confusion and backlash.

The things you can not write, and what you should pay particular attention when dealing

Since embodiments of dating a lot and varied (from the colorful compliments unknown lady to the proposals fly with a balloon), go by contradiction and call phrasesLooking for a girl on the Internet, which use is not recommended:

  • Hi, how are you?
  • How's your weather?
  • What are you doing?
  • How are you?
  • Let's go for a walk?
  • Give me your number - I'll call right now.

all these questions she will answer any falsehood (which presupposes their very formulation) or negatively.Who would trust their thoughts and concerns to a stranger?

But for dessert you some tips on what to write when meeting a girl:

  1. If you previously acquainted with her profile on a dating site, I immediately ask the question of its interests.
  2. Try provocative remarks against women, which would have caused her to express their opinion.
  3. talents to compliment her and tell me what you do not know how, but would like to learn.
  4. Take this fortress-quality clever humor, sometimes banter, but do not overdo it: smart girls can not accept the option of communication.

Suitable phrases for dating women, "VKontakte»

This social network is the most common among young people, so we can not mention about it separately.Of course, there is a fairly frequent attempts to start a conversation with an unknown girl, what a very design of the site where once seen her photos, hobbies, sphere of activity, friends with whom she walks, and you can even view, is whether it is nowrelations.This is great for folding a full picture of the person.

However, unfortunately, the first sentence for dating women "contact" are not very original and rarely go beyond the formulaic sentences like "We can meet you" or "You're so beautiful."Guys, your imagination, brains and sometimes sexy and motivate girls unusual offer!

Here's an example:

  • «Let's do business: you will distract the men with their beauty, and I'll steal their wallets."
  • «Let's fly together in my dreams."
  • «I want you to be my queen, and I'll help you rule the nations."

Meet with the girls from the phone: and is it worth it?

this method to start a conversation and invite to a meeting or just chat, suggests two options: via SMS and direct conversation on the mobile phone.Usually, it all begins with the message, and if they are successful (young person is actively responding to them and being fascinating conversation), the second phase will be directly calls.Let us examine the ins and outs of the process.

SMS attacks

Imagine that you have a number of girls, you hold the phone in your hand and do not know where to begin.Experienced guys in this business are advised to initially engage communication through messages (although it all depends on the situation).Here at once there is quite a natural question: what to write when meeting a girl?

To begin with, what not to do:

  • write formulaic phrases like "Hi, how are you?" And their ilk.
  • ask too many questions, and even personal - it is better to ask at the meeting.
  • Frankly went on the first stage of dating.

But to catch it, fit the following phrases for dating girls:

  • «Hey, you're a very special girl ...»

Then she will wonder what it is that you think it unusual, and sheasked to explain.Well, here it is a matter of your imagination.

  • «I can make you happy! ..»

or slightly erotic already after a few days, you know, or even met:

  • «I want to see you for Blankets to obnimashki."
  • «I'm doing good massage.I offer my humble services. "

All of this will lead her and make your relationship more trusting.

course, do not overdo it with the SMS, it is always live chat and voice of the other person are much more efficient.Therefore, if you can call - always dial her number, and more!

calls and their secrets

What to tell a girl on the phone at the first communion?First, let's talk about the main mistakes that young people, who decided to conquer the lady with the help of call:

  • uncertainty in his voice: the girl in any case should not feel that you are in doubt, or fear of failure, because it just will put you in the bad old world.
  • Quiet or slurred speech: very often guys think so seem romantic and mysterious, but in fact, it looks as if you whisper and swallow the end, so that, if a girl is something nedoslyshit may arise neponyatki.
  • very rapid speech: many, when they want to impress, start chattering so much that pops in my ears - it's very tiring and introduces the listener in tension.
  • interrogative form: men often err on phrases like:
    - Come tomorrow evening walk around the city or go to the movies?
  • right should be expressed without entreaties:
    - Come tomorrow evening go to the movies or you can walk around the city.

And the secret here is simple: a girl in a guy will feel confidence and determination, and it will have no choice but to agree.So do not ask stupid questions, even smart - just invite it in the affirmative.

Workshop on blitzkrieg

Here's a plan that 95 out of 100 attempts dating girls with phone completed rendezvous live:

  1. Greet her.
  2. Ask learned she interlocutor.
  3. communicate the reasons why you call it right now (for example, saw its number in the phone book and decided to dial).
  4. make pretend remember where is it that you have met, but it is, of course, to no avail.But in the process you learn a lot of the necessary information about the person.
  5. argues that a girl like her, of course, could not give the number to anybody, and invited her to a meeting.
  6. sure to assign the exact time and place of rendezvous.
  7. forgive.

So, before you a lot of advice, reveals the secret of how to meet a girl.So do not throw hackneyed phrases for dating girls in hopes of an answer, which is not likely to get, but if he is, then, most likely, no.Be creative and surprise the weaker sex!