Explain what's what!

knife in the understanding of most of us - it is the most ordinary object of kitchen interior.But at the same time it also has other (unofficial) title - a symbol of murder, it's cold steel.Our article is devoted to the interpretation of dreams.Why dream of a knife and what follows?We'll know immediately!

Classic interpretation

As a rule, in its classic sense kitchen knife is associated with aggression, with the most extreme degree of resolution of certain conflicts, quarrels, fights.At the same time it is used by sorcerers and magicians in their rites and plots.Generally dreams in which you see the knives symbolize rather gloomy future events.In short, they have a very negative predictions.What kind?Let's find out!

had a knife!For what?

Knife dreams in various cases.However, according to Miller's Dream Book Gustav, afraid of such dreams are not worth it.Any situation that they predict last very long.In particular, Miller interpret this dream as a harbinger of losses, quarrels and future separations.In addition, the scientist is one of the few in his dream book answered the question about what the knife dream rusty or worn with age!The answer is that it speaks about the imminent loss of friends, of family troubles and the lost hope or that you are interested in the outcome of events.

Quite often people are looking in different Dreams Information about what dreams broken knife.We will help you learn about it, so do not waste your time searching dream book.This suggests that the front of the hostile machinations coming unworthy actions on your part.You urgently need to work on their self-improvement.Incidentally, Sigmund Freud gives this dream is an interpretation: there is a major obstacle to new love acquaintances.There is a risk that your own behavior can all go beyond what is permitted.Do not flatter yourself that remain unpunished.Better time Think again!

What a dream to kill with a knife?

This is perhaps one of the most common dreams of the adult population.In its general interpretation he advises you to take care of their health, as well as more attentively look at the people around you.If you do kill someone with a knife - get ready for a serious fight with the enemy of real life!You will be able to show all his personality traits, as well as to put all "on the shelves."

If you dream you plunges a knife in the back - be careful in reality.Next to you is overbearing and cruel man, hiding under the guise of morality and charity.You should not talk to anyone about their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and planned activities.

What do you think, what a dream knife, stabbed is not you, do not you?It's simple!It is the most ordinary of caution: you awake quite a lot of enemies.Be careful.Of course, they do not plan to kill you, but life can considerably spoil.Another interpretation of the following: among these enemies will be your best friend, you dwell on those or other gossip.Although in reality things can turn for the better: perhaps it is just a vile slander on the other side of your envy.