I perceive a dream: a dream to what the pancake?

In which case, home baked pancakes?Usually on holidays (eg, Mardi Gras) or wake.But that is what the dream a pancake?By the carnival?By the wake?About this talk. What damn dreams: interpretation of Evgeny Tsvetkov

Tsvetkov does not exclude that such dreams are a normal projection of the actual events or thoughts.For example, in reality you just really want tasty and hot pancakes.Sleep, as they say, do not wait.But if you really do not know what the pancakes, but you can see them in a dream, it is worth pondering.

  1. fry or oven pancake in a dream - the welfare and prosperity in your home.Thus Tsvetkov does not allocate any specific differences and variations of this sleep.
  2. Another thing - if you bake spring rolls!There astrologer draws a parallel with supplies ... That is a dream foretells losses in certain cases as well as the promise of trouble from your friends.
  3. Tsvetkov one of the few introduced the concept's dream sour pancake.It foretells you "sour" mood spoiled by some naughty people.

What damn dream of Dream Miller

scientist sees in this concoction only positive signs.But, as a rule, pancakes themselves are not dreams, they always bake or eat.On this and based scientist.In general, the interpretation of dreams by Miller - a kind of special art!Here, for example, a scientist with a pancake represents the sun, bestowing his riches, power, wealth and warmth!No wonder the dream interpretation is that man is the most popular!So, what dreams pancakes for Miller:

  1. Kushan pancakes in a dream?Expect success in your affairs and undertakings!This is a sure sign that all the trouble you can avoid.
  2. Some dreams pancakes - harbingers of some news.For example, if the pancake was singular, and you do not fried, then soon expect a letter.
  3. enjoy this delicacy in a dream, or call someone on the pancakes - to prosperity and family well-being!

Why dream a pancake in the interpretation of Lofa

Renowned psychologist David Lofa sees pancakes food for different reflections.Its general interpretation is that if the events associated with pancakes in a dream, is positive, and in real life, expect positive changes.However, if the dream CMA does not very nice, the reality and some disappointments will not keep you waiting long.But there is a lot of private interpretation:

  1. If you dream you drop a pancake on the floor - coming uninvited cash costs.
  2. If the flour for the dough came from buckwheat - your life is not very rich in these or other significant events, but thrives exponentially.
  3. raw pancakes?There will be a bad situation, which permit can only work hard.
  4. themselves bake pancakes?For a man who knows how to do it, dream promises invitation to the funeral;for those who have never done this waking dream foretells illness, financial difficulties or household chores.
  5. If you clearly hear the oil sizzling in a frying pan - get ready for a little spat in your family.
  6. dream in which you burned hot oil, when inverted pancake, says that you are waiting for contingencies.
  7. gathered to eat pancakes, but the hand was not cream, jam or butter?Yes, and pancakes to get something tasteless and dry?In reality you will be deceived or betrayed.