If you have cut your hair in a dream - what does it mean?

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dream - reality or deception, he warns about upcoming events is the memory of past lives or just a game of imagination?One might think this way and that - life will help you understand where the truth and where - fiction.

What does it mean if ...

The symbolism of sleep hair may have very different meanings.

  • Firstly, they mean the road somewhere.For example, if you're dismissed and trimmed braid hair in a dream, it is possible that you waited long trip, but for some reason (perhaps, to change your plans or the plans of the authorities), it has been postponed.And if the corresponding situation has occurred with your loved ones or acquaintances, then not take your joint or individual trip.
  • Secondly, tangled tresses symbolize life situations, conflicting desires, it is unclear what the leading dating.In this sense, if you have cut your hair in a dream - your destiny is coming fast changes.Good or not - it depends on the feeling with which you parted with hair.Sorry - so change will not lead to the best.Rejoiced - great novelty will be a joy.However, it plays a role, and the length curls.There were long and short steel - drastic changes are coming.Shorten a little - small change.But if you have cut your hair in a dream mean, they are not short, not long - if, in principle, innovations will be hardly noticeable, life is waiting for you quiet, without much turmoil and problems.
  • Now pay attention to the general atmosphere of sleep.Our night vision, as well as East - a delicate matter.And then every detail, every detail.So, you have cut your hair in a dream hairdresser or someone from friends, acquaintances, or even completely unknown people.If in fact you darken heavy thoughts, you do not know what to do in certain situations, know the dream foretells you help from a friend or stranger is.Through them you are to rebuild their lives, with the turmoil will understand, cope with problem situations.Because offering you support someone - take it with a clear conscience and a light heart.But the dream hair cut your own hand - in financial trouble.Either you spend a lot of money, and it would be a waste of unjustified, or just lose them.However, we repeat: the same plot may have dozens of combinations.Since parting with lush head of hair can be seen as a kind of warning: be careful, you yourself are about to make a dirty trick.What?Well, for example, alienate himself from the man who would be the love of your life.Or missed the best offer on the job, and it will float away to your competitor.Not very nice, is not it?
  • And if you are acting as a stylist you directly?In this case, the dream book reads: to cut hair in a dream - suddenly take part in a profitable venture, find a decent income or gain is news that a long time will raise your spirits.


But remember Pushkin's Tatyana's letter to Onegin, and the following lines in it: "Perhaps it's all empty / cheating inexperienced soul, / and be completely different ..."?That is true.Do you want to change the image, change the appearance dramatically, because think of hairstyles, pick a style, and even a new hair color.Your thoughts and translate to you is your own subconscious mind.It plays different situations developments.Therefore you dream hairstyle, locks, scissors.Agree, as it happens!