New Church of Archangel Michael in Tsaritsyno will!

construction of many new churches in Moscow became possible due to the request of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill to the city authorities.Leaders of the city in 2009 approved the development of the spiritual infrastructure and free allocated plots of land for construction of the church complex.One hundred brand new sanctuary became a temple of Archangel Michael in Tsaritsyno.

history of the construction of the blessing of Archpriest Michael Shmanova it was decided to transfer to the new parish temple chapel.The priest Father Peter Vinokourov, who went under the guardianship of the Archangel Michael Church in Tsaritsyno, on behalf of the parish expressed deep gratitude for such a generous gift.The chapel, as planned, was installed at street Lugansk, 11. Father Michael at the time and started from scratch.Therefore, perfectly aware of the difficulties of the new parish.Once, soon to start religious activities, he, together with the faithful acquired and installed a large military tent.She was his first church.People ordered a church plate and brought the icon to start the service as soon as possible.

Who Shipbuilding Street stands a beautiful stone church.And his first temporary shelter was decided to donate to those who need it most.Church of Archangel Michael in the Tsarina bought his first chapel and people - spiritual home.

After all necessary preparations father Peter appealed to His Holiness Patriarch blessing to hold the Divine Liturgy.Meanwhile Lugansk parishioners every Sunday at fourteen hours of going on a prayer.

ministry and spiritual events

seventh of March was held the first service in the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael.She spent the Metropolitan Arseny.He also consecrated the new crosses of God's house.Now every Sunday in the church are public prayer, and on Saturdays (at seventeen hours) planned evening.

Features Construction

place for spiritual center chosen very well.Near a metro station and a large sleeping area of ​​the city, also plans to open the bus.Based on the foregoing, the Temple of St. Michael the Archangel will be in great demand, and the number of parishioners will steadily increase.

program, on which will be built around two hundred churches, calculated that in one parish shall be not less than twenty thousand, and they will live no more than 1 kilometer from the church.February 23, 2014 on a small plot of land (0.39 hectares) was formally established cross.And was the first prayer.

also separately like to note that the Church of Archangel Michael in Tsaritsyno is built solely on donations of parishioners and patrons.People who want to help in the process of erecting shrines can visit the Church website.There has full information about the procedure donations.

summer ends, and behind him come the autumn and winter cold.Archpriest Peter Vinokurov has a great desire to create a more fundamental building before winter arrives.Let it be so far the construction made of sandwich panels, but it is comfortable.Do not miss your chance to join the construction of the shrine, which will be proud of not only you but also your descendants.