How to increase the room, if it is small?

question of how to increase the room, worried about a large part of the population of our country due to the fact that many people live in small apartments, and improve the housing situation can not all.

If the room has a balcony, the increase in the area of ​​the room for a few meters is possible by combining the space of the two territories.To do this, you need either a balcony or loggia glazed.Insulate facade, roof terrace, floor, sides, arrange additional heat in the form of floor heating or local heater.In some cases, if there is a balcony, the possibility of its extension.This practice is usually used for apartments on the ground floor.

In the case when to seek additional meter fails, the problem of "how to increase room" goes into the plane of technical and design solutions.If tenants do not plan any extravagant interior, the designers generally recommend the use of small spaces and bright colors of paint without a large figure.Bright spots and large decorative elements are possible only in the form of individual components to the situation room is not irritating the nervous system and reduces the space visually.Many designers, processing small size of the room, choose white, blue, green, gray tones to finish, combined with light-colored furniture, to achieve the optimum effect.

solution for small rooms should include proper lighting, which implies a lack of heavy curtains and a minimum daily barrage of color coming from the window.Small rooms are contraindicated heavy chandeliers, so the best examples of design are often equipped with built-in lights or small shades and lamps.

Designers also give some tips on how to increase the room by interior.

Firstly, furniture such rooms should stand along the wall or embedded.Essentially "facilitate" the interior light plastic chairs on thin legs, shelves and cabinets of glass facades and other.

Secondly, mirrors are very relevant and objects with mirrored surfaces, which have long been considered among the best to create the effect of extended space.This does not necessarily make the mirror an entire wall, especially in the bedrooms.You can simply hang a few small mirror finish or perform a curb mirror on the ceiling, which will reflect the light from the chandeliers.

Third, in a small room, at least in the mind should not be a large number of items - everything required to remove unnecessary in cabinets, which in turn must be rather narrow.

Fourth, pictures or wallpapers used in small spaces must be of the form "at the prospects."

Fifth, do not recommend the use of dark tones in the design of the floor.On the contrary, the flooring should be bezhevatyh, grayish colors, possibly with a diagonal pattern that will "expand" space.

Thus, those who are struggling with the problem of how to increase the room, we can recommend a minimalist style and design with the room, which will save a maximum of space, air and light.