How to choose a baby crib for the baby?

Shortly before the birth of the baby, the parents decide important questions about how to choose a baby cot.At the same time they often pay attention primarily on its appearance.Paying money for a solid bright colors and attractive appearance, they are just becoming interested in the house, what materials made their favorite model, it is safe for the baby pleasurable product.

If you are thinking about how to choose a baby crib, you should not be guided only by its appearance, it is necessary to consider also a number of very important aspects.

Today, shopping for the little ones have a huge selection of products.This can be attributed to a variety of models of cribs for babies - this charming crib and crib-houses with carports as roofs and strict classical, to which we are most accustomed to.We recommend that you do nothing rash and do not make purchases under the influence of emotions first.

Consider your financial condition, then start inspection of all submitted samples.Quite often, workers in trade, to which the parents turned to the question of how to choose a baby crib, trying to praise goods more expensive.But perhaps you had to face the fact that the high price is not always an indicator of good quality.The first thing you should pay attention - on the ecological materials used.It is not important if some parts will not be wooden, as long as there were not very many.So opt for a crib, urging the seller hygiene certificate, which lists the materials from which the model is made, and indicated how the goods harmless.

How to choose a baby crib?Should I pay attention only to foreign models?We assure you that outdated allegation that only foreign producers of baby furniture work exclusively with environmentally friendly materials.Russian industry produces many different beds for kids from a completely "clean" materials.

crib for the baby to be spacious and comfortable.It is desirable that it has two levels.As long as the child has not yet learned to stand on their own, the depth of the crib does not really matter, but when it will be quite an adult, learns to stand up, to explore the world around you, you must make sure that the distance from the mattress to the upper limit is not less than sixty-six centimeters.

Usually the product is delivered unassembled home, but you do not panic.How to build a cot, described in detail in the accompanying instructions.Very comfortable and functional models in which there are special boxes for storing bedding and clothing of the child.Look for instances in which the bed combined with a changing table.This is great for young moms.

If you already know where to buy a cot, go to the store several times.Make your choice consciously, taking into account all the requirements.Listen to feedback more experienced buyers, then you will get for your baby the best crib.