American tractors "John Deere" are working in the fields all over the world

The American industrial might has a lot of symbolic incarnations.Trademarks of the United States are known throughout the world: that "Coca-Cola", "Phillip Morris", "Ford", "Boeing" and many others, the possibility of personifying the most powerful economy in the world.One of the symbols of American industrial strength steel tractor "John Deere" with the emblem in the form of deer, rushing to jump.

It all started simply.In Illinois, the then, as almost the entire country, mainly agricultural, there lived a blacksmith.He has worked and interacted with farmers.The fate of these was difficult: hard work from morning to night in the field, imperfect tools, which often had to be repaired.So the days passed, weeks, months, during which the farmers walked behind a plow pulled by horses.Called John smith.

Then one day he came up with the idea that agricultural tools can be improved.In 1837, Mr. Deer plow created the new model, which served as the material for the polished steel.The main difference between the further development of this instrument became his tiller sectional assembly, allowing to change the width of the strip, and the availability of seats, greatly facilitates the work.

case has gone, but the former blacksmith Illinois saw the future and to improve traction for their plows.Man by nature independent, he wanted to ensure that his production has been owned by a closed loop.Since 1888 plows are equipped with a moving car.The first tractor "John Deere" were steam.

In the midst of the Great Depression, when all US producers, and industrial and agricultural, is in decline, the market displayed a new product.Tractor "John Deere" with two-cylinder engine of its own production of the sample in 1923 became a hit, not only because of its high performance, but also because marketing activities were carried out flawlessly, and conditions of sale are not discouraged farmers even in low sales of agricultural products.

An important factor for success served and a willingness to enter into new growth markets.For MTS nascent Soviet collective farms made massive purchases of equipment.Tractor "John Deere" come in handy, they combine high quality, trouble-free spare parts supply and reasonable price.

Following the tradition of the founder, John Deere Corporation is a bold economic policy, which aims to promote products on all continents.In the 60-ies of XX century opening production of engines and tractors in France, Germany, Japan, Argentina.Once in Russia, there are conditions for the development of private enterprise, Domodedovo and Orenburg are addresses of new assembly plants of the leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

production meanwhile improved.Tractor "John Deere - 8430", manufactured in 2005, has a high degree of automation of various units, including transmission and fuel system.This machine can be seen increasingly in the Russian fields, where it has been widely used due to its high power motor devyatilitrovogo «John Deere - PowerTech Plus» and reliable chassis.Many agricultural enterprises of the CIS countries are choosing a tractor "John Deere".Specifications of his impressive: 255-295 hp, capacity 11.752 tons., The ability to install different attachments.