Axiology in philosophy - the doctrine that reveals the nature of life values

Most of the person spoken of its value.And what value do they differ from the meaning of life, the goals, which are the most precious, which today correspond to the time?All these issues relating to human values ​​dedicated to a science, very young, a part of philosophy.Axiology (as it was called in Greek "axiom" meaning "value") began to emerge in the Middle Ages, since time immemorial mankind has worried his place in this world, among other creatures and nature.

Axiology in philosophy first expressed in the search for the meaning of life, for the good of the person is achieved through its value.Later, the purpose of the philosophical quest was the desire to adopt (or at least the isolation) common to all mankind (or people's) property.This attempt, of course, failed.But philosophers disputes the truth is born.And now everyone knows that there can not be uniform for all values.In each they own and depend on the fact that human life is subjective for him it is of great value.

And yet, in the history of mankind in each of the centuries we have combined the main, leading, so to speak, actual values.In the Middle Ages, the highest value was faith in God and the purpose of life - to pay tribute to the Lord.Until the 20th century all philosophical investigations were limited to an explanation of the human mind and the search for the good, ie. E. Values.

Thus, axiology philosophy "began to consider" the concept of value only in the 20th century, and together with him and tried to explain the process of perceiving the world the individual and humanity as a whole and how this perception corresponds to the spiritual, religious and aesthetic standards of aanother time.So, axiology philosophy "has become a separate" the basic concepts of the philosophy of the concept of values, to consider them in more detail, to learn scientific methods most reliably reflects reality.Only now allowed aksiologii knowledge to understand the nature of human values ​​and to formulate the concept.

Values ​​- an understanding of certain human phenomena, the most important for him, the most powerful of his life.That can cause a lot of emotions, and leaves no one indifferent.So, what determines the outcome of the almost life.This understanding of the phenomena based on certain views about the world, about the essence of things.Therefore, for each the most valuable are completely different things.If your perception of its place in the world is rooted belief that you live life in vain, if you do not bring a child into the world - then the value of your children are your future children.If your parents are deeply rooted in you (intentionally or deliberately) is the understanding of reality, "the world is hostile, but the family can stand up for you, just close friends will not betray."Then your highest value is family ties.Value may be money, if the truth for man lies in the assertion: the highest good money, they can buy everything.Value can be a spiritual elevation of the domestic world.Etc., etc., etc.

philosophers AXIOLOGY also draw our attention to the understanding of the ideal, which is closely associated with notions of the world and with the most value.Returning to our example: if a woman is a perfect happy family life, and it will seek to create it (in the course of entering the concept of purpose);if a man formed the image of a successful, financially prosperous and idle men, he will seek by all means to become so, and is likely to be.So axiology philosophy "combines" philosophical units.

Today axiology, as the teaching of values ​​is developing actively, new sections of this young science.He could not show such a partition as pedagogical axiology, because each nation is important, how to educate the younger generation, what qualities and values ​​to instill it.After all, it depends on what kind of society we live, our children will live, our grandchildren.Every nation solves this problem in its own way.It can be seen in the values ​​of our differences, because of the differences in the values ​​of people from different countries, continents do not understand each other.But small differences - that's fine, as long as we generally agreed on the fact that, for example, the war - is not the best way to achieve their goals that creation and help each other bring more benefits to all the countries ...