Mount Athos - Monastery.

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«Yes, this place will be your inheritance and your garden and paradise and marina salvation, wished to save," - said the Lord in response to the request of the Blessed Virgin for the gift of her Mount Athos.Since then, the mountain has received the status of the Holy Mountain at the request of the Blessed Virgin Mary.According to legend, it happened in '49, since then, no woman visited this blessed place.So ordered Virgin guarding the peace and quiet of the monks devoted themselves to the Lord.

earthly destiny of Our Lady

Mount Athos is a peninsula in eastern Greece, towering more than 2,000 meters above sea level.The population of the Holy Mountain is a monastic community.All the monasteries of Mount Athos are coenobite, all on the Mount is home to about a thousand monks.Almost the entire peninsula is covered with the rich and lush.The beauty of the place affects the primordial power, it is believed that because of the greatness of the beauty of the local Our Lady said this is the place.

ancient abode of the blessed place

ancient and largest monastery is located in the south-eastern part of the peninsula: Great Lavra was founded in the tenth century and is located at the foot of the summit.The founder of the monastery is considered to be binding.Athanasius of Athos, Monastery occupies a dominant place in the hierarchy, "the monasteries of Mount Athos."Holy Mountain has two dozen monasteries, three of them are based more in the first millennium.In the tenth century St.John Iveron was founded a monastery named after the Mother of God of the Iberian.In the north-eastern part of the peninsula, above the sea, stands the majestic monastery of Vatopedi, founded about 980.It was founded by three holy elders who had come to the island to live the monastic life of St.Athanasius.Vatopedi Monastery dates back to the second level in the hierarchy, "the monasteries of Mount Athos."Athos in Greece included the UNESCO World Heritage List, after which a religious interest in the ancient monastery has increased significantly.

new millennium - new abode

beginning of the second millennium of Mount Athos marked the emergence of new monastic cloisters in this holy place.In the second century of the second millennium Serbian King and his son arrived at Athos and took the veil, and it served as the basis of a new monastery, known as the Hilandar (Serbian).Place of origin of the monastery is different beautiful vegetation and a small distance from the sea (about 4 km).The main icon of the monastery is considered to be an icon of the Mother of God "Three Hands", available on the territory of the monastery and other Orthodox shrines.According to the history of the peninsula around the same time the beginning of its history, another monastery monastic community - Mount Athos.The monastery was founded Kutlumus Arab who converted to Christianity, because Arabic is considered.This place is famous for holy relics and vestments, there are also a lot of wonderful icons.

smallest holy monastery and convent "zealots»

From the depths of the times at the turn of the first and second millennia, traces its history the smallest monastery of Mount Athos.The monastery founded Stavronikita officer Nikifor Nikita, this small monastery is famous for its great value - an icon of St. Nicholas, related to the 13-14 centuries.Wishes to get into Stavronikita should focus on the eastern part of the peninsula.In this part of Mount Athos Pilgrims can visit the Monastery and the unique, having no canonical communion with the other monasteries of the peninsula.This so-called abode of "zealots" or monastery of Esphigmenou.Its history dates back to the tenth century, has experienced many disasters, fires.In this monastery houses many holy relics.

Miracles Bulgarian monastery

western part of the peninsula will welcome the pilgrims silence, prayer pause and marina Bulgarian monastery Zograf.Its history dates back to the holy abode of the beginning of the tenth century, as well as several other holy sites of Mount Athos.Zograf Monastery was founded by three brothers, the royal family of orchids Bulgarian.According to legend, the brothers have been waiting for a sign from God in order to understand the honor of the holy abode called.And the sign came: there was on the board face the Great Martyr George.More than once in the Holy Monastery of documented cases of miraculous phenomena God's grace.In the 13th century alone praying elder heard the warning of the coming disaster, followed by the icon of the Mother of God "Predvozvestitelnitsa" came to the monastery, carried by angels.Some time later, the remaining 26 monks in the temple were burned litiyanami, survived one icon.A year later, during a memorial service on the ashes come down from the sky 26 light beams.

Greek monasteries on Mount Athos

pilgrims, following the Bulgarian monastery, after two and a half kilometers will fall into a Greek monastery Konstamonitou.The legend says that the monastery was founded by the Emperor Constantine the Great.Konstamonitou was originally conceived as a small monastery for the Greeks who want to apply to the Christian faith.Repeatedly in the monastery there were cases of miraculous divine mercy, which is famous for Mount Athos.Monastery Konstamonitou offer pilgrims pray at the three miraculous icons: "Portaitissa", "The image of St. Stephen," "Hail Mary Antifonetriya."Inoki suggest that one day the feast of St. Stephen, the monk concerned about the lack of oil in the monastery.In response to his concern itself filled with oil pitcher, standing under the icon "Antifonetriya."This pitcher monks particularly pleased to show visitors.

part of the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the history of Mount Athos monastic

close relationship with the Russian Orthodox monasticism Athonite traced to the 11th century: the monastery of Esphigmenou near the Russian was tonsured a monk Antony - the future founder of monasticism in Russia and Kiev Pechersk Lavra,.At various times, many Russian Orthodox devotees began their way in this blessed place, by its starting point in the Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos.Holy Mountain sheltered and Russian St. Panteleimon monastery or Old Russik.History points to Russian monasteries: Ksilurgu and monastery of St. Elijah the Prophet.However, insubordination Russian monks in the 90 years have been deprived of the Greek citizenship and expelled from the holy monasteries of Mount Athos.Monastery of St. Panteleimon today inhabited by Greek monks.

bold monastery on Mount Athos

evidence of the grace of God stands at the top of a mountain or rock monastery Simonapetra Simon.Named abode named its founder - St. Simon's subsequent vision, who appeared to him in a dream.This monastery on Mount Athos strikes pilgrims courage and strength of construction and the principles of holiness.A great property that is rightfully proud of the monastery, is the right hand of Mary Magdalene, were not subjected to decay for more than two thousand years, while it is still warm, as the hand of a living person.

Resident monks from different countries

North-eastern part of the peninsula will welcome the pilgrims and the lush greenery of chestnuts Filofei abode, one of the oldest shrines of Mount Athos.The monastery sheltered within its walls the monks from different countries: Russian, Greeks, Canadians, Romanians, Germans.The monastery has many shrines, chief among them - two miraculous icons: two-way - the Mother of God "sweet kiss" and "Merciful", which itself came to the temple and defined their place.Pilgrims will be able to witness in this monastery as particles of the Holy Cross, incorruptible right hand of St. John Chrysostom, pray and ask for healing at the feet of Panteleimon the Healer.