How to grow long hair at home fast?

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For centuries, women have sought for beauty, trying to be as attractive to the opposite sex and desirable.Today, nothing has changed, women still do a lot of procedures to make its appearance of elegance and notes of sexuality.And what could be more attractive than a beautiful head of hair?Girls are well aware, therefore, interested in how to grow long hair at home.The realities of our time dictates the harsh rules: constant lack of time or money on salon treatments forced to resort to the good old traditional medicine.

How to grow long hair at home?Careful maintenance

The first step is to review your lifestyle and correct errors in hair care.To date, almost all women use hair dryer or iron; stacking.If you are serious to grow, then we need to find another way to create a perfect image every day.For example, flexible curlers least traumatize the hair, besides using them can be made resilient curls.Heat dries any kind of hair, making it brittle and faded.It should be radically revise your diet.Often slow hair growth is associated with a lack of vitamins and trace elements coming from the food.It is necessary to completely eliminate the bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse.Strong coffee and tea is replaced decoction of herbs, beneficial influence chamomile, sage and mint.

How to grow long hair at home?Tricks

So on a healthy lifestyle, have already passed, now it's time to pay attention to cosmetics.Experts recommend to minimize the use of different styling tools, as they clog the pores and voids aggressive chemicals.Regularly use balms and masks for hair.Selecting shampoos, preference should be given an organic product because it is made from natural ingredients with no harmful fillers.If you color the hair, then you need to choose a special paint without ammonia.It can be a long time to give advice on how to grow hair, but the best method for yourself try to trim themselves experimentally.To add shine and strength vial of B vitamins in your favorite shampoo and balm.And with every shampoo in a small amount of shampoo to add drops of essential oil called "Bay".This mixture of active substances of different plants.

How to grow long hair at home?Natural masks

help achieve the desired goal of the regular use of specific formulations, aimed at activation of growth.One of the most effective and easy-to-prepare considered oil hair mask.As a base it is recommended to use burdock, coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed, olive or flaxseed.And to enhance the beneficial properties, add 5-6 drops of essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, cinnamon or bay of the above.Essential oils are rather expensive, they can be replaced pepper tincture.Pepper is very pungent, so be careful in the proportions.And the most fearless ladies can recommend a mask of mustard oil and vodka.Such a composition provides a rush of blood to the skin, thereby accelerating growth.There are different ways to quickly grow hair, but as practice shows, the most effective means are based on natural ingredients.