What is romantic in terms of the guys?

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Men have their own, often very peculiar idea of ​​romance and that can be considered romantic.We offer you some examples of incredibly romantic, from the point of view of women, actions and deeds.Certainly, thanks to him, men by nature, has a seemingly more than the study open to you with a few new side.

So, what deeds men consider romantic:

- As you watch the movie.

Yes!He seems such a nice watch you frightened by horror genuinely worried for the characters thriller, bursts out laughing while watching a romantic comedy or enthusiastically cry from melodrama.

- Cleaning.

He believes very romantic, it helps you to do the cleaning.So do not be surprised if it does not happen as often as you would like - is that you do not relax!Help in cleaning equates to flowers for him, no more, no less!

- restore order after themselves.

This is a great manifestation of romance, when he picked up his pants socks and other dirty things, and solemnly threw them in the washing machine.And if we turn it on himself, and set the desired wash cycle - all, be proud, you got the last living a true romantic in the world!

- Washing dishes.

But only if he's not prepared for you a romantic dinner.By the way, only during the first in your love story a romantic dinner when you have more candy buketny period, he can cook for myself and you, and then wash the dishes.Then his romantic spirit will miss out on one thing.

- clean up after a bed.

Okay, girls, let's be honest: this is maybe not the most romantic act in the world, with our own, the female point of view, but it will greatly facilitate our lives!Is not it so?

- Surrender your TV remote.

Well, here, yes, knowing a little male psychology, you just have to recognize the depth of his sacrifice in the name of love for you!"Do you know how angry man in bed? Take away his control" - says the proverb.And if he gives you his own stoic and ready to watch what you choose - the depth of his feelings for you is really impressive!

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