What can be put under an apple tree in the garden?

For many gardeners pressing issue that can be put under the apple and pear and other fruit trees to save space on the site.Have a great fertile garden with a limited amount of land - a luxury that few can afford.

Experienced gardeners, planting a garden, they know in advance that it was under every tree can be planted in the future.This helps to distribute the trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables in the area.

Science Allelopathy Allelopathy studies the interaction and influence of plants on each other.In nature there are "aggressors" who displace other shoots even from already established communities, such as wheat grass, and ash sucker.Germinate they capture territory and suppress soil.Deciding, for example, what flowers to plant under the apple tree, not knowing allelopathy can kill other trees.

Breaking garden, consider how different kinds of fruit trees influence each other.This is because all plants emit chemicals its root and leaf systems.That incompatibility of these substances in their interaction plays a role in the future growth and fruiting trees and vegetable crops.

Before you decide what can be put under an apple tree, you should pay attention to nearby trees.When the garden is only broken down, better to check which plants are compatible and which are not.For example, it is impossible to put a number of plum and pear.Their root systems penetrate to each other, will inhibit the growth and the harvest will be a low, if any, will be absent.

To understand that, you can put a young apple tree, and that under the old pear, refer to the table of compatible plants.

Compatibility vegetables with fruit trees

desire to save space and to combine fruit and vegetable garden on 4-6 acres of land require the gardener's knowledge about the compatibility of certain plants.

To understand what can be planted under an apple tree from vegetables, but their compatibility should be considered as a vegetable heliophilous and how prone to diseases.

So, eating vegetables with which apple "friendly" relations, and there are those with whom the real "friendship."Good mutual combination of this tree with cucumbers.To gather a good harvest and that, and another, it should fall to below tree trunks to make humus and 2 buckets carefully to dig into the ground, trying not to hurt the roots of a tree.

spring after the harvest of fallen leaves should go rake, and then around the perimeter of the crown dig holes in two rows at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.When danger of frost passes, these wells, watering them thoroughly with warm water, can be transplanted cucumber seedlings.After planting, watering as needed warm.

After 7-10 days after planting, shoots using fishing line or twine can tie to the branches of apple trees.This will help the seedlings withstand the weight of the fruit as it ripens.Watering should be done in a day, and fertilizer - mullein diluted 1:10 - 2 times a week.Crohn tree will protect cucumbers from the sun and keep the soil damp.

Experienced gardeners say that you can put under the apple tree vegetables even higher tomatoes, onions and garlic.Carrot and pumpkin with apple preserve "neutrality" so compatible, but with alternating planting next year.Absolutely can not be planted near the tree cabbage.It suppresses its growth and fruiting.

Spicy culture under the trees

Another way to save space in the garden - it is planted under trees and spicy salad culture.

Gardeners say that under the apple tree can be planted lettuce, sorrel, basil, fennel and barberry that not only the feel fine under that tree, but also a beneficial effect on him.These plants tolerate shade and provide a sufficient watering juicy and strong greens.

There spice plants that inhibit apple and significantly reduce fruit yield.This tree can not be allowed sage, mint, parsley.

For those gardeners who are wondering what to put under the apple trees in the garden, there is an option to plant several kinds of crops.

example, shade-requiring sorrel can be planted closer to the trunk, and strawberries, cucumbers and barberry on the south side of a tree or where the koruna less.

Therefore, one apple can give shelter to several vegetable crops, significantly freeing up space in the garden for potatoes, cabbage and beets.

Grapes in the garden

If grape arches little or no opportunity to build it, it should be remembered that it is possible to plant vines under an apple tree, because they are absolutely neutral to each other and coexist perfectly.

Although experienced farmers believe that the best neighbor for grapes is a pear, but if it is not on site, apple just fine.The only condition is the landing place.It must be on the sunny side of the tree.

Since inhibition of plant growth and mutually repressed caused by the penetration of their root systems on the territory of each other, in the case of apples and grapes are not.Grapes are recommended to be planted in the usual way, taking into account the size of the circle around-trunk and crown border.

Flower garden

For flower lovers, unable to break the beds due to space saving, a good solution is to plant your favorite plants under fruit trees.

To understand what can be planted in the shade of an apple tree, should take into account the requirements of color to the shade and the sun.

example, asters and the host - it is the most desirable for this tree neighbors.They perfectly complement each other, so you can sow such as asters around the perimeter of the tree in several rows.

For those gardeners who like to combine business with pleasure, it is recommended to plant apple trees near the nasturtium, which bloom beautifully, and deters aphids and whitefly.

Marigolds can plant different heights, starting from the seed of a tree trunk the largest varieties of colors and ending with stunted near the border of the crown.

This garden looks spectacular, but on the flower does not require additional land cost.

Compatibility with apple fruit bushes

All gardeners, empirically tested, they say that you can put under an apple tree in an increase in the harvest raspberries both.

raspberry roots are beneficial to the soil, filling it with oxygen.This, in turn, is good for growth and fruiting apple trees.The only disadvantage of such a union, it is a short period of time.The higher the tree and the midst of its crown, and, therefore, the shadow, the smaller crop will produce raspberries.Therefore, it should be transplanted after several years of fruitful "cooperation" with the tree.

Planting vegetables in early spring

When the trees in the garden, and the adults are quite high, many gardeners think that can be planted in the shade of an apple tree.

If fruit trees are dense crown, the early spring There are no leaves, tree trunks they can be "home" for the early radish and onion pen.

Radishes enough antifreeze plant, so it can be sown in open ground in April, and before leafing apple to eat the entire crop.Before sowing, it is recommended carefully dig up the ground and fertilize with compost bucket nitrophosphate spoon.

When planting should be done along the contour of the circle around-trunk several rows of small holes, throw them 2-3 seed buried and pour warm water.As long as the heat is established, it is recommended to cover the radishes film or cloth.After 20 days has experienced gardeners harvest.

next thing can be put under the big apple trees after harvest radish, onion is on the pen.To plant the bulbs should be often very close to each other.Thus, under a tree actually harvest a few crops.

savings and practicality

Gardeners who correctly use the tree trunks of trees, are not only high yields and saves space, but also able to advise others that put under the apple trees in the garden.

Using someone else's experience, every summer visitor can turn your garden into a blooming garden full of vegetables, fruits and flowers.Owners of summer cottages called practical and economical.