How to apply blusher

make a woman attractive and beautiful make-up helps correct.How to apply blush so that they not only decorated, but the appearance and corrected?It is necessary to apply makeup in a well-lit room in front of the mirror clean, so as not to miss a single site and all browned evenly.

How to choose a blush?

They should not be darker than two tones.Use bronzer, blush is best for those who have dark enough natural complexion or tanned skin.This will allow the tan look natural.Before applying makeup, you need to determine for themselves what areas you need to cover up, and which, on the contrary, to emphasize.So, in order to hide the lack of need to use the dark tones of blush.Light, on the contrary, increase and focus on essential parts of the face.

How to apply blusher, based on the shape of the face?

girls with a square face shape is necessary to use the technique of applying the following: Apply light colors and apply them on the cheeks in the form of an elongated triangle, aspiring to the ears.

When trapetsepodobnoy form, which is characterized by a broad lower part of the face, blush, apply dark colors on the cheeks and forehead.

triangular shape suitable for light colors.Only they must be applied to the cheeks and chin, in any case, not whiskey.

for rhombic faces when dominated by high cheekbones, blush is generally avoided.If used, the only parts of the face such as the forehead and chin.

from round to oval to make a visual person, is applied to the cheeks blush dark tones from the temples to the mouth, bypassing the band performances cheekbones.

To adjust the shape of the face with makeup, it is important to remember these basic rules.

How to apply blush depending on the color of hair?

choose cosmetics is necessary, and based on the color of your hair.Thus, blondes are usually fit all shades, most importantly, good shade blush.In order to achieve the most beautiful makeup, apply them to the face only after shadows and lipsticks.

Brunettes can also use different shades of blush, but it's still better to give preference to light brown, beige and peach tones.Avoid brightly colored flowers, not to look ridiculous and vulgar.

redhead should avoid dark and bright colors.To underscore the makeup necessary to use gentle colors beige or pink.Impose costs on their cheekbones and cheeks.

How to apply blusher different types and textures?

addition to a variety of colors, there are also various forms of the cosmetics.Thus, the conventional dry-balls or blush is applied to the face after using the powder.This type is recommended to use the girls, whose skin is prone to fat.

For those who have it dry suit blush with creamy texture.They should be applied on top of the foundation, and to fix a conventional powder.

liquid blush in gel form is applied to clean or slightly coated with foundation makeup face.They are not recommended for those who have dry skin.