How to make a screenshot in the "VC"?

in "VKontakte" (as in any other social network), we used to share all sorts of information.It can be funny pictures, official documents, videos and of course, communications with some information.And, of course, we may need to share whatever content transmitted through the "VC" to others.Make it better by means of a picture of your screen, sent to another person.Of course, it needs to know how to take a screenshot in the "VC".This issue will be devoted to this article.

How to make a screenshot?The standard way

So, first some theory.Screenshot - this image, which is displayed on the user's screen.In the picture it looks like a hair's breadth the same way as you see it on your monitor.As already noted, this picture can be used to showcase the work of any application or for training purposes.Still need to add that there is no difference, how to make a screenshot: in the "VC" or on any other site.The technology with which photographed the screen the way it is seen by the user, the same for all cases.

So, our computers are designed in such a way that each of them provided for the "standard" way to make a picture of the screen.To do this, just need to find the button on your keyboard «PrintScreen» (on a laptop she nazyvetsya Lenovo, for example, «PrtScr») and press it.Once this is done, the clipboard of your computer screen shot came in full.Furthermore, our goal is to see it, get in the material sense.

For this purpose, open any image editor (the most common are Photoshop and Paint, you can choose one of them).Then click "Create New" and "Paste" (or hold down the "hot" keys Ctrl + V).On the screen instead of white cloth will your shot.You can then edit it as it will be more convenient.

With this instruction you know how to take a screenshot of dialogue "VC" in a standard way.Next, consider how to send screenshots of your friends, and even then, as this operation can be carried out using specialized software to do the job with photos your desktop much more convenient.

How to send a screenshot?

So after placing the image in the graphic editor it is time to save the photo.It is simple: open the "File" menu, then "Save as" and choose the name of the screenshot and the address where it is placed.In the future, to throw the photo that you made earlier, you can use e-mail, social networking, Skype and other programs.In this aspect, the choice depends entirely on what you are accustomed to using.This is much simpler than the question of how to make a screenshot in "VKontakte".

Take a picture with a special program

To copy a picture of the screen when using the key to the clipboard with a further saving it simple.However, this mechanism maloudoben in case it became necessary to create a series of screenshots.In this case, the question of how to take a screenshot of the screen VC should answer with the help of additional software.

programs that are able to perform this task quite a lot.For example, this FastStone Captur, Screenshot Captor, PicPick, LightShot, Joxi and others.Each is a complete software that can effectively remove the screen.Some can even save the photo as a finished product, loaded on the server side and giving you only a link.However, in terms of ease of use of each of these programs is individual, and not the fact that you all are suitable.

Editing screenshot

So, we describe two ways of how to make a screenshot in the "VC".Now we specify about how you can edit (change) pictures of your screen.Such a problem can appear in front of you if, for example, you want to change any data: to paint something, select, edit, apply any effect and so on.In this case must be the use of a graphical editor.

That is, using the first method (via the clipboard), you insert a photo editor and can work on it;in the case of using the second method (special program) will be enough to open the already stored image and conduct of the necessary actions.Again, it all depends on the complexity of the problem: the sheer shading can be done in Paint, but "falsify" anything you need only in Photoshop, since the functional there in times wider.

You see, the question of how to make a screenshot in the "VC" is not something difficult.It is simple and fast.Try it yourself!