The X coordinate and secret places in Google Maps

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Google Maps - is the most popular mapping service, which was developed by Google in 2005.But we will not go into the history of its creation, benefits, etc.We'll talk about what are the secret places in Google Maps.Interested?Then read this article.

Google Maps - what is it?

As you can see in this article we will look at secret places in Google Maps.But first, for those who do not know, it is worth briefly explain what a "Google MAPS."In fact, this map that covers the whole earth (for those to whom it is not enough, you can further view map of Mars and the Moon).Thanks to high-tech satellite of Google such a map very accurately and clearly displays even the most remote corners of the planet.

But perhaps return to our sheep.Want to know where the secret places in the "Google MAPS"?Read the article!

secret locations in Google Maps

As you know, Google's work are still merry.The developers are constantly adding to its software some chips, Easter eggs, secrets.For example, did you know that if you type into Google the phrase "Google gravity" and the first to open the link, you can see how the force of gravity acts on the links, icons and pages of your browser.

And this is just one of thousands of examples.Google developers are constantly inserted into their creations some funny chips.Mapping service from this company is no exception.The developers have added the so-called secret places in Google Maps.What is it?It is classified and interesting locations, which are marked on the map.In this article we will talk about how to find them.

secret locations in Google Maps: coordinates and descriptions

Well, let's not drag out, and immediately rushed off the bat.Below we describe the most bizarre places in Google Maps.

Enter the coordinates 66.266667, 179.250000 can observe an unknown portion of Siberia, located not far from Alaska.What is there?This question dominates the minds of many people in Russia.

scoring in Google Maps coordinates of 37.7908, 122.3229, you can watch a real crash.The map embodied the plane broken into two parts.It is not known, this is a disaster or an ordinary statement.

By coordinates 36.949346,122.065383 skeleton can be seen quite impressive size.Weirdly even imagine what these bones belong to the beast.

If you - a lover of conspiracies, the next place will certainly cause concern.Enter the coordinates 32.664162, 111.487119, you can see the secret base BBC, which is on the territory of the United States of America.What they do, on this basis, it is not known, but you can find a lot of the most fantastic theories on the matter.

scored in the line coordinate 54 28'6.32 ", 64 47'48.20", you can watch an interesting picture.At this location clearly visible inscription "Lenin 100 years", which consists of trees.

Fans of sci-fi is type in "Google MAPS '19 56'56.76" S, 69 38'2.08 "W.These coordinates are drawing strange creatures, which strongly resembles the newcomer.Is that tricks an extraterrestrial civilization?

Well, since it happened, we will not deviate from the topic away aliens.By coordinates 45.70333,21.301831 UFO can be seen now, is lurking in the trees.

Enter the coordinates 45.408166, 123.008118, you can watch a plane that "parked" in the middle of the trees.

remember as a child playing on the beach with a shovel and bucket, parents told us something like: "Wow, what a deep hole, even a little bit, and to China, dig now!".We took it as a joke, but apparently it was a very real warning.Do not believe me?Then type in the Google Maps coordinates 38.85878007241521,111.6031789407134 and behold a giant hole in the middle of China!

By coordinates 44 14'39.45 "7 46'10.32" you can see a huge pink bunny.Terribly present "little" girl who played with him.

All of us must have heard and read about the infamous Area 52. Typing in Google Maps coordinates 37.401437, 116.86773, you can also look at this top-secret base.

Google Maps service to help solve the murder?

also has an interesting history, which should be paid special attention.By coordinates 52.376552, 5.198308 can be considered a reservoir of Almeria.Pierce, trees, beautiful scenery - all would be nothing if not for one detail.The photo can be seen a man who dragged the corpse to the lake.Google Satellite captured a small pier, a few figures and a suspicious trail that could be mistaken for blood.But all is not as it seems at first glance.In fact, there was no murder.

As it turned out one reputable publishing house, was depicted on the map Retriever Rama, who went for a walk with his mistress Jacqueline Kenen.The dog just jumped into the water, then ran to her mistress, who was standing on a wooden pier.Rama has remained at the wet track that Internet users have taken for blood.

shed light on this "murder" hostess helped a dog that saw the photos on the Internet.


In fact, Google Maps there are many secret places.This article examined the most interesting of them.We hope that you're lucky, and you will find more than one mysterious place on the map.Do not forget to share his discovery with other users!