Ubroker: Traders reviews

market trading foreign exchange assets in the network has reached unprecedented proportions in recent years.Everywhere (meaning not only advertising on the site, but also banners on the streets of our cities) you can see a variety of advertising brokers offering trade on Forex, placement of funds in the order of fiduciary investments in small amounts in a particular currency.

If you analyze each advertising campaign in this segment, we see the following pattern: they promise really high returns;offer to place small amounts of funds;silent about the risk, which is typical for this kind of investment.It turns out that these companies lure customers in every way, offering them a real "gold mountain."How do they work in practice?Consider it in this article, which is devoted to one of these companies - Ubroker;reviews about it, we will be used to assess its activities.

What Ubroker?

So, we should start with what Ubroker - is a financial company that provides a wide range of services in the stock markets.If we look at their official website (developed in English), it becomes clear that this is - a group of "professional investors", "traders" and all professionals who have decided to provide its services to all interested persons (mostly private investors).

As stated in the "History" platform was founded in 2010, and its main task is to combine experience, knowledge and skills of their dealers in such a way to connect Ubroker to the market "Forex" and thus give everyone who wishesthe ability to trade through them.

That is, if you go to the section of the site Ubroker Ā«SupportĀ» (support), then you can read about this information.Yet there is evidence that what payment systems is transmitting means as output money, where the office of the company (London), and more.It should be said that the whole site is a platform made beautifully, though typical for projects of a similar profile.

it promises and what attract us?

As noted in Ubroker people lured favorable terms of trade in the "Forex".In particular, we promise high profits with relatively small investments, which sometimes can not even be true in principle.For example, a review of Ubroker there, which says that a man called and offered placement of its funds in securities.Yields at the same time promised in the amount of 500% for the month.Of course, a naive investor went to the deal, which is later regretted.

working conditions

Under the terms of the work on the portal to say something quite difficult.Because the company offers asset management of depositors' funds, it is obvious that in any way the customers themselves do not have to work all that is required of them - is placing its money.

In this regard, as noted on the website, Ubroker reviews defrauded investors, it is important to mention the types of funding in the portal (this transfer, electronic payment systems Visa, MasterCard, and other ways).

In addition, as reported on the website in the instructions, the company cooperates with several large foreign banks, whereby they get the most relevant quotes that support the permanent posting analytics page in "Facebook".

Trading on the "Forex" through Ubroker

turns out that trading on this platform everyone can simply entrusting their money "the team of professionals and experts" who will make decisions on trading operations for you.But the statistics of their work, the history of the project Ubroker.com, reviews traders working in the company - all of this is beyond the reach of ordinary investors, information about this was not granted.It is, in fact, can be a catalyst for thought, because that in the public company that does not want to publicly post information about yourself?

Calls on www.Ubroker.com.Reviews

Another interesting nuance can be called a system, in which the system to attract investors.So people (out of nowhere who took his phone number) calls the operator.As a rule, it appears as a senior manager of the company Ubroker, responses also confirm that the caller can turn out to be a consultant, and even the senior partner.

essence of the call is to convince the customer to put their money to the company.This can be achieved in different ways.Someone trying to interest in using excessively high yields.There are also reviews of Ubroker indicating that the caller offered to return the money that people lost in another brokerage company - MMCIS.Of course, anyone who would suggest such an output, agreed to cooperate, as in his interest to return the lost contribution and multiply your money.Obviously, employees Ubroker understand it.However, those who eventually agrees, will be disappointed, because the money they are losing their own.

scheme of deception

As you can see, about Ubroker reviews referred to as unfair and fraudulent structure, which is also engaged in more and different activities.

obvious that the organizers of the project have found a way to find the contact information of various people: the lost money MMCIS, interested in high-yield investments and quite possibly other categories.Schemes of fraud when it applied different, even though they were reduced to one: to lure money.

fake site made on the template (Ubroker.com);reviews Traders clearly write "from the ceiling" - it was just a beautiful form of how to raise funds from investors.Next fraudsters acted the same way when people trust their savings, the first time he "painted" profitability first arrived, the opportunity to get their contribution back.After some time the manager who originally suggested the whole idea was lost, confirming what is actually Ubroker.Reviews defrauded indicate that people have tried to do something to return the money and find the culprits, but to no avail.

attempts to repair the damage and to find the perpetrators

reasons for which in any way can not "get" the organizers of this scam, a little.First - this is the anonymity of the net.If the resource was posted on a dedicated server somewhere in another part of the world and the domain is registered to fake data, it was impossible - to find administration Ubroker.com.Reviews suggest that the fight against fraudsters using complaints about the site itself has failed.

second reason - it's bogus caller's telephone number.Yes, they are stored in victims of depositors, but nothing to do with them is impossible, as they are on the "left" people.In addition, the corpus delicti in the actions formally not, because everyone knows that investment - a risky business.

There is another reason why it is impossible to get organizers Ubroker.com.Reviews say that this is the address of company registration.Even if she was really created (and it is so, because they made the acceptance of payments), the reception area is London.Somehow, contact the law enforcement authorities to be problematic for our compatriots (given that the amounts that entices, (hundreds of dollars) not worth it).And to prove to someone that something will be difficult.

findings of such commercial companies

As a result, we can say that from the trading company Ubroker has little in common.Rather, it works with the help of psychology and persuasion customers to provide their finances.

Therefore, to avoid becoming a victim of these scams, it is advisable to carefully read the recommendations of the project, to seek information from those who have worked with him.And, of course, if it so happened that you are a victim Ubroker, a review of your history will never be over.To some it will help save money.