Hodegetria - what is it?

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This article will be considered "Hodegetria - what is it?" In addition to learning more about the origins of the icon, as well as the antiquity of the image, which is legendary.Existing icons and lists from the original image.

Hodegetria - what is it?

Whence came this way?According to legend, it was originally written by the Apostle Luke during the life of the Virgin.This image, which later became known as the Mother of God Hodegetria, in the fifth century, was sent to Constantinople.For a long time I was in the monastery Odegon.Some researchers believe that this icon was a list with Blakhernae.In the first image store and a small part of the cloak of the Virgin.

Today the Tretyakov Gallery is kept one of the oldest of such images, which remained the same as was before.This icon is descended from Pskov and dates from the end of the XIII century.Previously, she was in the Church of St. Nicholas from the leather.

It should be noted that the title of this image has its own legend.On it the Mother of God appeared to two blind men and somehow inexplicably brought them to the church at Blachernae.I put the sufferers of the same name in front of the icon, and they saw the light.Since then, this way and was named "Hodegetria", which in Greek means "putevoditelnitsa."

According to another legend, the icon has become a blessing for the wedding of Anne, the daughter of the Greek emperor Constantine Porfirorodnogo.After a long journey to Russia, and it acquired its name.

"Hodegetria" in Russia

on the territory of Russian icon came somewhere in the middle of XI century.She brought the Princess Anna, who after a while became the wife of Vsevolod Yaroslavich of Chernigov.This image was originally a miraculous and enjoyed special veneration of Christians.After a while the "Odigitria" icon of the Mother of God, was named the Smolensk.

set of lists with this icon very quickly spread throughout Russia.Of course, the image itself has undergone some changes since the strict iconographic canon for this type of the Mother of God was not, and nobody demanded an exact copy of the shrine.However, the general features of the icons were preserved.

particular relevance to the Virgin Mary in Russia

So icon "Hodegetria" in Russia is quite popular and very honored.Evidence of this are the numerous lists of the first image, which went to the Ancient Rus.It should be noted that Virgin favorable to the people living in this area, as in many places it is considered the patron and intercessor.

Often sincere prayer saves man from any misfortune or trouble.About this there is plenty of evidence in ancient times and today.


Icon "Hodegetria" - a special image of Our Lady.In Greek, as already mentioned, it is "putevoditelnitsa."The icon has a special significance for Christians.This image is usually depicted the Virgin Mary with Child.Her hand - a finger pointing to the Son (located in front of chest), and for the salvation of all mankind.This point is very important.On the left hand as he sits baby.His left hand is busy rolled scroll, while the right is raised in a gesture of blessing.Baby feet or crossed or placed upright.Typically, the Son portrayed frontally, but sometimes can be drawn and half-turned.In any case, a gesture of blessing is preserved.Virgin is sometimes portrayed on the throne, sometimes full-length or waist.

It should be noted that this image has been known for a long time, even before the VI century, in Palestine and Egypt.After that it was widespread throughout the Orthodox East.In the III century comes theological interpretation of this image, namely the interpretation of the time at Our Lady of the Incarnation.It should be noted that because of this story, new, directly related to the Mother of God.This "Burning Bush" and "inviolable wall", and many others.

Smolensk icon - the most popular for this type of

Icon "Hodegetria Smolenskaya" is considered the prototype of all these icons in Russia.Its history goes back centuries, but it's basically a legend, which passed from mouth to mouth.It is believed that it is a list that first icon, which was painted by the Apostle Luke.In Russia it has got, as described above, with the daughter of the Emperor Constantine.

After Prince Vsevolod died Yaroslavovich and his wife, Anna, the icon was inherited by their son - Vladimir Monomakh.He suffered a miraculous image of Smolensk and put it in the temple of the Assumption of the Virgin.Since then, and has become an icon of Smolensk.

By the number of perfect miracles it is one of the first places of its kind.It is the "Mother of God of Smolensk, Odigitria" in 1239 was the savior and protector of the land from the invasion of Russian troops of Batu Khan.

At the beginning of the XV century icon was transferred to Moscow and placed in the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kremlin.After a while, it went back to his home in Smolensk.After that, the image still makes a lot of travel and migrations, especially in times of war, aggressive action, but always returned to their homeland.Unfortunately, after the events of World War II the fate of the image is unknown.

At the time, this icon was written many lists that have spread throughout Russia.In Smolensk, on the site of the ancient icon is different now, which also has miraculous properties.It is considered one of the most important shrines of the Russian land.

Tikhvin icon

Along with the Smolensk way is revered and "Tikhvin Odigitria".Icon of the Mother of God has the same long history, during which there were wonderful moments.It is believed that the image disappeared from Constantinople after its fall, and after a while appeared in Russia near the Tikhvin.

According to legend, the Patriarch of Constantinople himself said that this is the icon, which once was in the Blachernae church.In the Tikhvin monastery image it was placed in the same way as the original church in Constantinople.There, he was all the time as long as the monasteries and churches have not begun to close across the country (the Soviet era).

In Soviet times, the icon was in America, and in 2004 returned to Russia, where he began recreated Tikhvin Monastery.

Kazan icon

Another famous "Virgin Hodegetria" in Kazan.This icon was attained in 1579 in Kazan after it suffered a terrible fire that destroyed almost the entire settlement.The image of the Virgin was revealed little girl who dug and an icon from the ashes.

miraculous discovery of the image after a terrible tragedy struck all very much.Many people at that time were to bow to her, she gave hope of salvation (after advancing cold, and many people were on the street, homeless, and any property).

later at the behest of Ivan the Terrible was built Kazan Cathedral, and next to it was founded a convent.Miracles began to happen near the icon immediately after gaining (epiphany two blind).

Today, the original icon does not exist, some time was lost.However, numerous lists with her still exist, famous for its miracles.

Other known icons of this type

Icon "Hodegetria Smolensk," of course, the most famous among others of this type.However, there are many others, like her.One of these icons is Georgian.Initially, she was in Georgia, but after 1622 she was taken to Persia (the conquest of the country happened Shah Abbas).Her journey was long, and stopped it in the Arkhangelsk region in Krasnogorsk monastery.To date, the original image has been lost, but there is a list with him.Prayer before an icon of uplift for getting rid of various epidemics, as well as to cure ear and eye diseases.

Another, no less important, an icon, which shows the Mother of God Hodegetria, is Iver.This image has no less mysterious history.In the IX century it was in the home of a pious woman.It was the iconoclastic period and decided to save it from destruction by the icon, put it in the water of the sea.Icon will appear only after two centuries near the Mount Athos monastery near the Iberian.For it was built Gate Church, where the image is stored and still.

Of course, it's not all images of a given type are stored and honor in many monasteries and temples.They are quite a lot, and they all have their special power and provide protection.

Temples, which are devoted to the image of "Hodegetria"

considered the question: "Hodegetria - what is it?" - It should be noted that this image correspond to other shrines.For example, in many cities in both Russia and other countries, there are churches that were built in honor of the image of "Putevoditelnitsa."Consider the list:

  • Kimzha church, located in the Arkhangelsk region (not valid);
  • Church in Downtown Disney, Belarus (acting);
  • chapel temple Hodegetria, she is in Simferopol, Crimea (current);
  • church in Kasimov, Ryazan Region is located in the (current).

And there are churches, chapels and temples quite a large number, as the veneration of the Virgin Orthodox Good.

Conclusion So now you know the answer to the question: "Hodegetria - what is it?" And that emerged from this iconographic type and what are the most famous icons, dedicated to him.It is understandable why this image of Russia so revered, because many times the Mother of God to save people from a variety of ills, inspired faith and hope, did not give discouraged.