Clipboard - some area of ​​memory the computer operating system, which is reserved for the temporary storage of information.

You might not just something to move or copy to your computer (folders, text, pictures, and other files).Have you thought about where to put the files after the action moving / copying?That's right, they are loaded into the clipboard.He remembers the information that you copied, and gave it when you command "Paste".

Some applications have their own buffer is available only in the framework of this program.

Disadvantages clipboard

The main negative point is that it is capable of storing only one piece of information.So, the next data after copying the old replaced by new.

But the situation when in one text document, you will need to copy the twenty fragments into another document.In this case, you will have twenty times to do the same action.

will undoubtedly be more comfortable if you first copy all the fragments to the clipboard, and then use them once in a new document.

By default, this function can not take such actions.To implement this task, use a specially designed application, also called the clipboard manager.

There are many utilities to recover the data from the buffer.For example, such an application as a Ditto Clipboard Manager.It is the Russian-speaking and free.The program allows you to retrieve information from the Clipboard.It appears in the system tray of the operating system.

All text and graphics written in the clipboard, the utility captures the magazine.These passages can be done.If necessary, each of them can be added to the document by selecting it from the list.The utility has a large variety of other settings, which can easily handle even the novice.

This program will provide you with invaluable help if you often use the clipboard.

Other utilities:

  • Clipomatic - the program is very easy to operate with a buffer, but remembers only fragments of text.
  • CLCL - simple, has many useful features utility.It allows you to save shortcuts, install plugins, configure the filter information storage.
  • ClipX - the app is very similar to CLCL.
  • Clipboard Keeper - a good free program.

Where to Find Clipboard Windows?

If you want to see the contents of your clipboard, you can do it by opening a file called clipbrd.exe.It is located in the system directory C: / WINDOWS, and then system32.This file is available for viewing (it can not be removed) only to owners of Windows XP.The "seven" and "Vista" has been replaced by a file clip.exe, view the contents of which is not possible.

Cleaning clipboard (except Windows XP)

To delete the contents of the operating systems Windows 7 and Vista, follow these instructions:

- Create a file shortcut.To do this, click once on an empty area of ​​the desktop, right-click, highlight "Create" and then "Shortcut."

- In the screen that appears in the field, where he placed the object path, enter the command clears the buffer: cmd / c echo off | clip.

- click "Next".

- Come up with a label name and click "OK".

As a result, on the desktop of your PC will be a dark-colored label.If necessary, clear the clipboard, double-click on it.

errors clipboard

working with MS Office, you may run into quite a common mistake.In the implementation of copy / paste a window appears with the word "Error clearing the clipboard."This may serve as a setting on your computer application Punto Switcher, to switch the keyboard layout between the two languages ​​in the automatic mode.Out of this program does not guarantee the disappearance of mistakes, but it is still worth a try.

This problem may also occur due to the application Download Master.In the settings you need to disable the "Track URL in the buffer."