What is virtual memory computer?

types of items most of the operating systems provides virtual memory.It has become very widespread because of small value at a significant advantage.Let's look at what is virtual memory, and where to use it?

Currently modern computers typically use about one gigabyte of memory for their work.Typically, this amount is not enough for an effective and fast work programs, demanding virtual memory.For example, if at the same time to download the application for processing photos, programs for communication via the Internet, as well as the browser, rather it is likely that this amount of memory is not enough, because of what the computer may become slow or may require the closure of one of the programs.And in the absence of the virtual memory is not multitasking, ie the simultaneous launch of several different programs.In this case, the machine offered to complete the current program, to open a new one.

What is virtual memory ?

Her work is very simple: The computer searches for data in memory, but it is not being used, and then puts them on the hard drive.This frees up the virtual memory that allows you to launch new applications and programs.This process is done automatically, but the user often does not even notice this, it may appear that the computer has a large RAM, even if it established a total of 512 megabytes.If the operating system accesses the virtual memory resources more often than usual, it has an impact on performance, meaning it falls substantially similar happens with the performance.

So, if you already know what is virtual memory, that is to say that the comfort of the operating system can be provided only in one case: if the amount of installed RAM exceeds several times the amount of that which is currently requiredfor functioning.

What if a virtual Windows memory almost full?This will tell you the operating system in a tooltip over the taskbar, which will indicate that the memory is not enough or it's almost over.Its volume can be made, if necessary, more is responsible for this swap file, which can be edited by means of the operating system in the event of such a necessity.

Increase virtual memory

To do this, you will need to enter the main menu, where to find the "Control Panel" and then select "System."In the tab "Advanced" you have to find the item "Speed", and then open the window parameters.In the section with the name "Virtual Memory" you will see the amount of memory available at the moment.Changing the settings can be performed by pressing the "Change".It is necessary to put a value greater than twice the amount of RAM.

So what is virtual memory, you know, and now it should be said about how to clean it.This procedure is necessary to preserve the confidentiality of the data located in the paging file.This is done through a special function, which is normally turned off.To activate it, you need to "Control Panel" to find the folder "Administration", which open the "Local Security Policy".This window will need to right click on the item "Clear virtual memory file" where select "Properties."There you will need to use the option "Shut down" and then click "Apply" and then "OK".Next, you need to reboot your computer twice, the swap file will be cleared after the second time.