Translation - from the routine to the art

interpreters work at all times bore the fleur sacredness.These people can understand something about what spoke a strange enemy or friend, while telling something very special with the curly, not literal translation, taking into account, for example, phraseology.And it could affect other, often influenced the course of history.

But translators often impaled do not even spoken for them objectionable words and for the words of the foreign guests.So it has always been a dangerous business, although profitable for some, but to learn and to do the correct translation posegodnya no easier than it was a thousand or more years ago.Yes, it is possible to order the translation of texts in a particular order, but "found out about the secret sion and let", so in Russia has always sought to use the services of the informal but recognized and respected interpreters possessing such were.

When any businessman there is a need to communicate with foreign partners and it has on hand an offer, you can order services like private interpreter, and the translation agency.This experience shows that private translators can do everything much cheaper, faster and better, while the Bureau of have to hold a series of bureaucratic procedures at the end with the same translators, which is important to have at least some formal status, a minimum connectionwith the state and tax problems and can "pass".

Anyway, if we talk about the correct translation, it is necessary to understand why and for whom the translation is done."Little Vera" can provide a highly functional transfer on certain occasions, and absolutely free, but correct translation of one page delirious man resembling Tsiolkovsky, can cost thousands of dollars.

In short, there is no single answer to the question about the prices for translations, it depends not only on language but also on all kinds of external circumstances, including, perhaps, relative position of stars.

right to do the translation of texts you will not be able to teach anybody.If you do not understand the style of the text, or not understood as broadcasting today's message - the correct translation to make you fail.No, it can be, even take into consideration, but it will still be nonsense.

present literary translation - this experience again.Whether Marshak, or who else of the great interpreters of this saying.And so, because word translation - it is, of course, necessary, but the work of the translator - translate, making the world more coherent and digestible.