The semantics - the science, without which incredibly difficult to learn the language

Broadly semantics - a branch of linguistics, which studies the relationship between the existing and the imaginary reality and the linguistic expressions that are used in these realities.In other words, the semantics of the language is to find the general laws of the mapping and projection of reality in this language.Reflected can be either objects or phenomena, and abstract categories, processes, having no practical application or mateiralnoy shell.

role in language semantics

In Greek semantics - a symbol of something (Gr. Root semanticos - «denoting").Semantics in its linguistic sense is used to study the links between the phenomena of natural language with the area of ​​application, be it real or imaginary world.

This science demonstrates how a person familiar with the grammatical structure of the language and a set of basic syntactic, lexical, morphological units, able to clothe their thoughts into words and to perceive incoming information from various sources, even the one with whichhe faced for the first time.

Semantics - an essential part of such a section of linguistics as grammar.In the development of any language semantics of the word undergoes many changes with the advent of new theories and positions in linguistics.For example, the main principles used in the construction of the semantic component, have been developed by American scientists John. Katz and John. Fodor.

semantics in dictionaries: principles and features

During the semantic analysis of the dictionary meaning of the word is fixed by a special definition, or a definition developed in a specialized language.Semantic language implies a more explicit (deployed), but at the same time more rigorous description of an object or phenomenon, than in terms of the domestic language.For example, in the pages of semantic dictionary can meet this description: "NOSINF = INFO, SCOPE."It is used to refer to brief media that from the perspective of semantics is equivalent to an object that contains the information.

the interpretation of words by means of natural language scholars to write expressions and components use single quotes.However, this method is not applicable in the dictionary, because the system itself is the source of the vocabulary device model suggests placing "word - interpretation", iedefinition, as a rule, the right of the defined.In the interpretation of the proposals, linguists use double quotes.It must be remembered that the techniques encountered in semantics, do not coincide with the corresponding natural language.For example, the construction of "Join-in-marriage" in semantics will not be seen as a combination of three words, but as a single unit of study.

Semantics - a special science, that in his practice uses meta-language category.This term is necessary to indicate the language in which another language is described.Natural, for example may make with respect to the meta-language itself.The elements of the meta-language may also include graphical charts, tables, images or graphics, are often encountered in the Visual Dictionary.