What is the ozone hole and how it can threaten

Recently, the public is increasingly concerned about environmental issues - the environment, the animals, reducing the amount of hazardous emissions.Surely all also heard about what the ozone hole, and that they in the modern Earth's stratosphere much.And there is.Modern human activities and technological development threatens the existence of animals and plants in the world, and the very life of the people.

What is the ozone hole?

ozone layer - a protective sheath blue planet, which is located in the stratosphere.Its height is about twenty-five kilometers from the earth's surface.And this layer is formed from oxygen, which is under the influence of solar radiation undergoes chemical transformation.Local decrease in the concentration of ozone (in common this is all known "hole") is now due to many reasons.The first is, of course, human activities (such as manufacturing and consumer-daily).However, there are opinions that the ozone layer is destroyed under the influence of natural phenomena solely of non-humans.

anthropogenic influence

make sense of what the ozone hole, you need to figure out what kind of human activity contributes to its appearance.This primarily aerosols.Every day we use deodorants, hair lacquers, toilet water with a spray and often do not think about the fact that it adversely affects the protective layer of the planet.The fact that the compounds are present in the usual cans (including bromo and chloro), readily react with oxygen atoms.So the ozone layer is destroyed, becoming after such chemical reactions in a completely useless (and often harmful) substances.

destructive to the ozone layer compound present in the saving air conditioners in the summer heat as well as cooling equipment.Widely unfolded human industrial activity also weakens the protection of the earth.Her depress industrial emissions to air, water (part of the harmful substances evaporate with time), pollute the stratosphere and car exhaust.The latter, statistics show that every year becomes more and more.A negative impact on the ozone layer and rocket fuel.

Natural influence

Knowing what the ozone hole, you should also have an idea of ​​how many of them over the surface of our planet.The answer is disappointing: the gaps in the protection of the earth set.They are small and often are not a hole, and a very thin remaining layer of ozone.However, there are two huge unprotected space.This Arctic and Antarctic ozone hole.

stratosphere above the poles of the earth contains almost no protective layer at all.What is the reason?There are in fact no cars and industrial plants.It's all in the natural effect of the second reason, the destruction of the ozone layer.Polar vortices occur in the collision of warm and cold air streams.These gas formations contain large quantities of nitric acid, which is exposed to extremely low temperatures and reacted with ozone.

Sound the alarm environmentalists began only in the twentieth century.The destructive ultraviolet rays that make their way into the ground and stumbled on the obstacle ozone, can cause skin cancer in humans, as well as the deaths of many animals and plants (primarily offshore).Thus, international organizations were banned almost all compounds that destroy the protective layer of our planet.It is believed that even if humanity abruptly stop any negative impact on the ozone in the stratosphere, the currently existing holes disappear very long.This is because CFCs harmful substances which have crept up, may exist independently in the atmosphere for decades.