Learning English from the ground up: tips and tricks

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Increasingly in recent years, many of our fellow citizens are interested in learning English from scratch.Actually, such a need for time itself dictates.We are talking primarily about different cultural dominance of English products: film, music, literature and so on.However, many of today's Russians are quite affordable opportunity to travel abroad for tourism purposes, or to change the place of residence.This category of citizens is even more vividly interested in learning English from scratch.How to start to do it and will soon reach good results?A few tips you can learn from the article below.

Learn English from scratch.Let's start first of all with grammar

Of course, the first thing you should learn the simplest rules in the construction of sentences, as well as the most basic household word.Learning English from the ground up to any decent level necessarily involves persistence and constant motivation.

It is possible that at some point in your classes will seem boring and difficult.It is important not to throw training and do not interrupt it.It is necessary to continue it without particularly long breaks, otherwise it could be a step backwards.

If you have at least some small vocabulary and grammar margin still at school, the initial phase will be quite simple.But if you are interested in learning English from scratch, then you need to find a good tutorial, first of all.For recommendations worthy of a textbook called «Cambridge English Grammar».He is very laconic, but at the same time understandable guide to grammar rules of the target language.Its freely available can be downloaded from the Internet or purchased in paperback.Only a couple of weeks of training you will be able to recognize different types of times, the number of passive and active forms of verbs and other subtleties.

learn English from scratch, reading books

Do not be alarmed, believing that it is impossible for your meager vocabulary yet!Here there is a little secret.The fact is that, for these purposes, there are already specially adapted translations, which after every English phrase should be its translation into Russian language with additional translation and analysis of the words that appear in the text for the first time.An example is the adaptation of authorship Ilya Frank.Of course, when you prefer a selection of books to read, pick the one you would love to read in Russian.This way you will be able to combine business with pleasure reading learning new words and structures.After some two months of intensive training you will surely already be able to read without the help of simple texts.

learn the language should not be limited to reading.In no case do not forget that it is equally important listening comprehension!To do this would be very useful regular viewing of films (of course, also those of interest to you) with subtitles - English or Russian.A good technique is a constant translation of English songs.Be sure to set the text to your favorite songs!