Where to start learning English and how to achieve good results : some recommendations

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last two decades, many of our fellow citizens often ask about where to start learning English.This dictates the need for time itself.And if we talk specifically, it is possible to identify a number of factors at once.For example, the dominance of English-speaking cultural products: music, literature, cinema, imports to the instructions, and so on.However, many modern Russians now have a real opportunity to travel abroad for tourism, business or just a change of residence.Before all these categories quickly enough question: "And, actually, to start learning English and how to achieve a good result?"By the way, in employment even in domestic companies Languages ​​and adds points to the summary.

Where to start learning English?Let's start with grammar

Of course, the first thing you need to master the simplest everyday words and phrases design rules.If your goal is to learn English on their own, the first thing you have to remember that the main your friend here should be perseverance.It is very likely that it will become difficult and boring at some point, someone even a week or two.However, it is important not to interrupt or throwing training.Should continue to be without long breaks, otherwise you can take a step back and forget without much practice.If you already have at least a basic grammar and vocabulary from the time of school, their completion and perfection you will follow quickly.If you are interested in learning English for beginners, you can not do without a good textbook.For example, worthy of recommendation is the publication of grammar «Cambridge English Grammar».So it called very concise, very useful and easy to understand tutorial.With him just a couple of weeks of hard training you will learn to recognize all of the types of time, active and passive forms, and other niceties.

sure to read books

Of course, the study of grammar should be accompanied by regular reading of texts.There is a little secret: there are already specially adapted for such purposes, the book where the English phrase for each proposed transfer it in Russian translation and analysis of new, not previously encountered in the text words.Such, for example, adaptation of Ilya Frank.By choosing to read a book, of course, hold the one you would love to read in their native own language.It will be great if you manage to combine the pleasant reading with the study of words and designs.Surely after a few months of regular and intensive training you will notice that you can already read simple texts without assistance.

Do not stop reading

At the same time, responding to a question about where to start learning English, we should not forget about the perception of it by ear.Do not lose the opportunity to further study.Useful will be watching your favorite movies with subtitles - Russian or English.Listening to your favorite English-language tracks, be sure to check their translation and meaning of unfamiliar words.It will certainly be not only useful, but also interesting.