Free cab - sales, service, rental.

Free cab has long won its own niche in places where there is no possibility to connect sewerage, or its use bears a temporary character.

Designated use and application of toilet cabins:

- holidays at different levels and scales;
- exhibition;
- corporate parties;
- parks, cafes;
- train stations, subways, gas stations;
- garden plots, various horticultural associations and villages.
- building projects;Free
cabins usually are made of polyethylene of high quality, vandal-proof having excellent qualities.These toilets have different colors and are supplied depending on the customer's wishes.

Key Features toilet cabins:

- lighting;
- flushing system;
- chimney;
- shackle lock;
- mirror;
- toilet paper holder;
- coat hooks;
- washbasin;
- dispenser for liquid soap;
- soft seating;
- heating;
- towel;

Rent toilet cabins:

perfect solution for achieving the desired level of hygiene is considered to rent these cabins.Buying toilet cab model, you should choose a model with a good ventilation system,

high traffic, uptime and bright lighting.Accessories and other elements will delight you with durability and reliability.

Usually rental service includes toilet cubicles:

- pumping waste from the tank;
- replacing paper;
- delivery, removal and installation;
- deodorant dressing mixture;
- disinfection;
- pumped storage tank, processing and cleaning of sanitary staff;
- refill the tank with liquid;

Service cabins:

renting or buying toilet cabins, it must be remembered that many companies are willing to take care of toilet cab model purchased by you.
In winter, may provide additional services for defrosting and pumping out the contents of the tanks.
replace paper.

selling toilet cabins:

The difficult current market conditions selling similar toilet cabins are doing everything possible to maintain the necessary level of prices, allowing customers to take advantage of all the categories of such products.All sold toilet cabins have a high level of durability, quality and quality.
Keep in mind that many companies hold regular events for customers and clients, making discounts on goods, as well as fast and free shipping, in every way trying to make communication as productive and comfortable.

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