Arman Davletyarov: biography, nationality

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Director General of the channel "Muz-TV" Arman Davletyarov always been interested in his fans.The channel "Muz-TV", headed by our hero for the past 19 years, is a recognized leader in television.

Davletyarov Arman, whose biography is closely connected with the channel "Muz-TV" does a lot for its development.He is seeking its own, without waiting for someone's help.This can not but arouse respect for purposeful person.He is not afraid to be paradoxical and as open as possible, and all because he is sure that does believe in their own strength.

Arman Davletyarov: biography

Our hero was born in a small Kazakh village in August 1970 in the most ordinary family.Arman Davletyarov whose nationality - Kazakh, now lives in Moscow, but, according to him, is a patriot of Kazakhstan.

Study in the capital

successfully graduating from high school, Armand Davletyarov left for Moscow.He enrolled to study at the vocational school, where he graduated with honors.Then he entered the IISS.A year later he was drafted into the army.He served first in Hungary and then - in Baku.

In 1993, thanks to a group "A-Studio" met with Murat Nasyrov.Since then, Arman began working in show business.

In 1995, Arman Davletyarov took over as head of the company "Media Star Concert."Through its activities, today we know such bands as "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," "combination", "Dynamite", and performers Decl, Larissa Chernikov, and many others.

companies to create music programs on channels RTR and "Muz-TV" - "Nightlife", "In your letters," "Moose Snowstorm", "Muz-zoneĀ».With the participation of the company, headed by Arman, Russia toured the famous band Smokie, in the concert hall "Russia" held a show program, "We - together!", The cities of Russia and CIS countries toured the group "East".

In 2000, Arman Davletyarov took over as CEO of the company "Star Media".In this position, he was succeeded by Mr. Yu Ajzenshpisa

Today he is president of "Musical unity" (2001).

In show business Russia Davletyarov AI- One producer, representing Kazakhstan.He actively promoted in our market culture and artists of his homeland - Batyrkhan Shukenov and Murat Nasyrov, which, unfortunately, is no longer alive.

work in Kazakhstan

Despite the fact that Arman for many years lived in Moscow, he does a lot for his native Kazakhstan.In recent years, they have been organized and conducted tours Kazakh Russian stars.Obtained during this period of experience in the Russian market will attract foreign artists touring platform.

10-year anniversary of the company in Kazakhstan, with the support of the Government of the Republic, a brilliant music festival held in Astana.It was attended by popular artists, beginning with Rosa Rymbaeva and ending with the youngest, yet little-known groups.


Davletyarov Armand takes an active part in public life.He organized and conducted tours of the North Caucasian republics together with "Youth unity" with the stars of Russian show business.The purpose of the action - to collect a charity helping children in Chechnya.

In addition, the company, headed by AI Davletyarova, took an active part in the Russian campaign which was called "We continue the story."It was devoted to the census and conducted in major cities across the country.

Davletyarov Arman and his family

own family, our hero did not appear too early.Interestingly, with the future bride Armand introduced mother, who was very concerned that the son of thirty three years has no family, no children.

must be said that Arman Davletyarov honors Kazakh traditions, so he married, observing all the rules.As he explains, according to the custom he should only marry a girl from a sort.

Rhode Arman called a torus.How to assure the ancient legend, the men of this kind are the direct descendants of Genghis Khan, they choose only the wives of the torus.

Armand met with the bride about a month after the family had agreed to the wedding.It was a real Kazakh bride.We talked the young people after they woo.The bride was eleven years younger than Arman.When they met, she was twenty-two years.After a courtship she is very embarrassed, blushing and asked her future husband about what he sees their family life.

Before the wedding was another half-hour meeting in the presence of relatives, when the bride arrived in Moscow to buy a dress.Although everything was ready for the wedding, Arman doubt.His fiancee seemed so fragile and vulnerable, that he was afraid that can ruin the life of this girl.Surprisingly, and future wife, he returned to Tashkent, agreed that the wedding should be abolished.There was a terrible scandal.Yet the marriage took place.

Family Life

So Davletyarov Arman and his wife started a life together.We can not say that from the beginning it was formed rosy.This is not surprising - almost two strangers began to live under one roof.Many times young people were trying to leave.It seems that they will not be able to build a relationship.In desperation, they said to each other: "We did not succeed."

's wife could not accept the late Armand returns from work, besides, when all of his shirt was in lipstick and smelled female spirits.He tried to explain that in show business when meeting all the hugging and kissing.For the wife, it was the strongest stress.Arman understood her confusion and decided he did not want to torment this sweet and caring woman, and they needed to leave.

The moment Armand Davletyarov and his wife were on the verge of breaking.But in this situation, the wife was wiser.She offered to give the relationship another chance for the parents, who, wishing them well, they were married.

Feelings appear gradually.A few months after the wedding Arman for the first time felt the support and care of his wife.Then the elder brother Armand died.Wife on their own initiative remained in the village with her mother heartbroken husband.She took care of a few months the unfortunate woman.

Later Armand Davletyarov ran for the State Duma.In this campaign he has invested all his savings, took a lot of money.As a result, the Duma did not pass, and left without means, plus everything with huge debts.All have turned away from him.Nearby was and is supported by his wife.

man was silenced.But in this situation, the spouse has behaved wisely.She gathered the remaining money and went with her husband to rest in Egypt.During the trip, he gained strength and came back with a feeling of immense love for his wife.Soon the long-awaited event happened - the wife became pregnant.Thus began a happy period of their family life, which is still ongoing.

Today Arman said he had the perfect marriage.He is sure that he got the most wise, kind and gentle woman in the world.Armand and his wife are raising three wonderful sons, they are very happy.