Student signs before the exam

existence of various omens and superstitions of all nations have a variety of explanations.Most often it is a man-made event, which is attributed to some prognostic value.Typically, signs occur after any acts committed, under certain conditions, brought the desired result.Interestingly, the man generally tend to remember the coincidence of these actions successfully, pushing a reasonable analysis, usually able to prove it is a coincidence.Nevertheless, people continue to believe in all the prejudice, often explaining themselves simple "and suddenly will help".

considerable niche among the cohort occupy superstitions student signs before the exam.Study in middle or high school, usually occurs at an age when most people are not very willing to think about the lessons.The young body is seething energy that wants to splash out and sitting at her desk holding back only those impulses.But education wants to get everything, so you have to take exams.Of course, the student, who missed most of the lectures and hardly looked in the abstract, no signs before the exam will not help, but, nevertheless, it is less than this to believe in them does not cease.Interestingly, the exact opposite of such students - honors - also quite diligently perform all superstition before the exam.For example, to remember what you have learned well and settled in the head, should be before going to bed, kiss on both sides of an outline or tutorial and put it under his pillow.In no case can not leave them in expanded form, and you can catch before the surrender to them, so surely get a good grade.

Signs before the exam, there are the most diverse and unusual.For example, according to one of them, the student should ask a friend to scold him at the time when he went to surrender, and, the Fel are the words addressed to his address, the higher the evaluation of teacher supply.

There are also some interesting signs before the exam, dedicated to clothes.If the previous session went quite well, we must take the current in the same clothes.If the first test was not entirely successful, it is necessary to change clothes, but if successful, it can not be erased, even before the end of the examination period, putting at each change.

foresee the result of the examination can be and with the help of other people.If the first person he met on the road would be the guy, it predicts a good result, and if a girl, therefore, bad.Firefighters, police officers or homeless promise unsatisfactory, and the officers and pregnant - perfectly.Also, a woman in the position may be asked to say a figure at random.It is believed that the one she would call to coincide with the number of the ticket.

On the eve of the exam is not recommended venturing home cleaning, as you can sweep all the knowledge.You also can not get a haircut, a shave, and even wash my hair.Although there is some division: before taking the humanities should not wash your hair right, and accurate at the time - on the left.Perhaps this belief has the largest percentage of coincidences, as teachers probably somewhere after the second and third exam will put good marks out of pity, given the appearance of a student.

Probably the most fun and favorite among students superstition has zazyvanie "freebies" or "balls".To do this, before the exam at midnight to go to the open window, to reveal the record book in the right place to stick it out, repeating it three times in the "Freebies, come!"or "Bowl, come!".It is believed that after this you can take the exam one hundred percent "excellent".