Where did Irina Muromtseva: the real reasons for leaving presenter of the program "Morning of Russia".

«Morning of Russia" - one of the most popular programs, aired by the TV channel "Russia-1" every weekday from 05.00 to 9.00.Her story began in September 1998.Then it was known as "Good Morning, Russia!".For almost 17 years of existence it has repeatedly changed not only the leaders and the concept of transfer, its plot content, appearance studio, but, of course, those who are with us meets morning on the other side of the screen.One of the latest substitutions became very painful for the audience who could not understand what happened to lead Irina Muromtseva so suddenly disappeared from the airwaves after so many years of regular visiting it.

leading program

Throughout a long history in the transfer of more than forty appeared.Among them are those who were in the studio speakers news blocks and journalists representing different thematic headings.The most popular, recognized and loved throughout the country amounted to were two couples: Andrei Petrov with Chernobrovina Anastasia and Vladislav Zavyalov Irina Muromtseva.And if the first three to date appear in the morning on the TV channel, the November 27, 2014, all the spectators of the program, including television, were at a loss: what happened to Irina Muromtseva?It was replaced by Helen Lander did not accept the transfer of the majority of fans, who were not prepared for the unexpected replacement.But why did this happen?Let's understand, and at the same time remember some facts presenter professional biography.

Career Irina Muromtseva on television to "Morning Russia»

Her first appearance took place in 1999 on the TV channel NTV popular at the time the program "Segodnyachko" successor program "Vremechko", which is defined as a genre popular news.It was aired three times a day: morning, afternoon and evening.

year later, in 2000, Muromtseva acted as one of the producers of the program "Hero of the Day", and from 2001 worked as an announcer on the radio "Freedom".During this period, the most attentive viewers may have said to each other: "Do you remember, there was a Muromtseva Irina, TV presenter.Where did, I wonder? "Indeed, at this time it does not appear on the TV screen, but rather successfully worked beyond.

Five years later, in 2006, she received a job offer on the TV channel "Russia", where she made her first broadcast first as a news anchor, and then - the morning program.

eight years in "Morning of Russia": how it was

Irina herself admitted that the project team for so long has become a second family to her.It is perfect fit into a new environment for itself and has successfully conducted the transmission paired with Andrei Petrov, and later Vladislav Zavyalov, when the project management decided to make a permutation.In the process, Irina was able to fully unleash their acting talent, as dreamed at one time to enter the Film Institute.It happened during the filming of scenes that illustrate current topics subjects of the program.

During this time, and in her personal life took a pleasant change: in March 2013 it is the second time became a mother, and went straight to the hospital from the shooting last before maternity leave ether.Then the audience did not even have any questions about what happened to lead Irina Muromtseva.Everyone understands what event is coming in her life, and at this time on the main television morning show in the country appeared Anastasia Chernobrovina.

Background leaving the channel "Russia»

According to some sources, and interviews she gave presenter after leaving the program and the channel in the summer 2014 at the award ceremony "Taffy" she received an offer from Konstantin Ernst, general directorFirst Channel, not only to lead a new and unique for the Russian television on Sunday the project, but also to produce it.After much deliberation, the decision was nevertheless taken, and by incorporating their television the morning of 27 November 2014 and the audience wondering: where did the announcer Irina Muromtseva and what a woman takes her place on the air?Officially, the project management did not announce the departure of lead, which has become over the years a recognizable face of a popular morning program, but the Irina published in the social network "Instagram" record attesting to the fact that she is no longer working on the TV channel "Russia-1" and prepares itsown show.

new project of the First Channel: what to expect viewers

Originally planned as a new transmission Sunday news show, which is a discussion with guests invited to the studio of events last week in an easy, entertaining way.The working title of "Adventureland" was made in the commercials that appeared on Channel winter 2015.But then there was a lull, and again raised the question of what happened to Irina Muromtseva.Are plans seemed so rosy, began to crumble?The very same leader did not give any comments on the matter, saying only that the work is going, or simply ignoring questions from the audience in social networks.All incomprehensible situation has created very troubled atmosphere in the audience, "Morning of Russia", which once again would like to see on the screen, her favorite.

meantime, while viewers were at a loss as to what happened to Irina Muromtseva for the second time, the process of creating a new transmission continued.The project has reduced its name to the word "Park" and has changed format.According to the information already available, it will be an entertaining show, which takes place in a Moscow park of culture and rest.Gorky.Here you will see musical performances, vivid and extreme numbers, various competitions.

why those concerned about the question of what happened to Irina Muromtseva, we hasten to good news: your favorite TV presenter will soon appear on the TV screen, but not on the channel "Russia-1", and on the ground, and not on a weekday morning, and in theSunday evening.Seeing her in the company of Alexei Pivovarov and Nikolai Fomenko will be every week at 17.00, since June 7, 2015.