Car theft (Article №166) - how many years?

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Illegal occupation of automobile or other vehicle is a wrongful act.As it is stated in the law?By hijacking refers to illegal act aimed at the acquisition of another road without a purpose of appropriation, in part or in its entirety.Also, unauthorized trip to this transport.Criminal law prohibits carjacking (Article 166).How old faces for that act?It is determined depending on how the crime was committed.

hijackings and the fact is, if by car was not running the engine.For example, he was moved by towing, tow truck, manual, etc.The place of theft can be any place where the owner left his transport: car garage, parking lot, street, vehicle fleet, the company, etc.

other vehicle - what is it?

legislator in the article about the theft of the car or other vehicle does not clarify what is meant by other means of transportation.From the commentary to article implies that it trams, tractors, self-propelled machines and other mechanical transport model.These machines are designed not only for transportation, but also for other purposes.For example, asphalt, and other processor, that is, those that are equipped with an autonomous engine.It's simple.For example, a bicycle is not a motor vehicle because the engine is not equipped.Also, this does not include models with an engine capacity of less than 50 cubic meters.see. For example, it may be motorbikes.

What is not stealing?

theft concept set forth in the Criminal Code (Article 166) - misappropriation of car.Simply put, you can only steal someone else's transport.Hence, the offender must not have any authorization or right to use the object in question.

not a hijacking case, if one of the family members of the owner voluntarily took he borrowed the vehicle, as well as other persons who had previously been allowed to take the car without further consent of the owner.

also not considered a crime by the fact, when a person willfully used the vehicle, occupying the post of full-time driver in the organization that owns the machine.It is not considered stealing if vehicles seized because of an emergency.For example, this happened during the arrest of the offender.

driver, detached from the transport management and previously worked as a driver, who took in the use of the car performs hijacking.


If the offender for the purpose of theft of vehicles entered the cabin, unsuccessfully tried to start it, and committed other similar actions - it qualifies as an attempted hijacking.Such actions are also considered a violation and punishable.A case qualifies as an attempt, if not otherwise established the goal of penetration into the car.

Age of responsibility

criminal legislation provides for the age of responsibility with sixteen years for car theft (Article 166).How many years can get for this type of crime citizen?It will also depend on the number of persons who have committed it, repeatedly, or the primacy of the action in question.It will also consider other circumstances that affect the size of the punishment.

term for carjacking

criminal law provides for a sentence of from three months to twelve years of imprisonment for car theft.How many years will provide for that act?Reply uniquely difficult.It depends also on how to committing the crime.If vehicles seized without a purpose of his theft, provided the period of restriction of liberty up to three years or imprisonment for the same period of time.If a crime is committed repeatedly by a group of persons or by the application of non-hazardous to life or health of violence, it is punished more seriously.This period can be up to seven years.When a group of persons of a crime shall have the meaning accepted whether and how the partners involved in the act.This direct control of transport is not necessary for all members of the group.

Under the act is committed through the use of violence, which is not dangerous to life or by threatening the use of such methods of influence, meant beating the victim, as well as causing a physical pain, did not cause short-term health.

commission of a crime of violence is punishable by up to twelve years.If the act carried out by an organized group, the penalty may be to imprisonment (up to 10 years).

How to behave, if you stole a car?

car theft is a profitable and well-oiled business, as most often it occurs in order to obtain benefits.For the punishment of the perpetrators is not an obstacle.While stolen vehicles provides for severe sanctions, which regulates Article 166 of the Criminal Code.The correct response to the theft of the car - it is an immediate call to the police.Tighten an appeal impossible.Early action will increase the chance of finding the car during the search activities.The call that came too late, can significantly reduce the chances.After all, criminals can during this time to drive away the car in a secluded place.

Cancel article about car theft

The State Duma has repeatedly been made a proposal to abolish a separate article about the theft of the vehicle.The last proposal was received by the deputy of the party "Fair Russia", which proposed to equate the crime in question to the article 158 of the Criminal Code "Theft".The reason is that by the attackers, who took over the car for the purpose of riding without the intention of theft, the penalty for stealing a car - Article 166. How many years for it can be obtained?It turns out that the punishment may be less than half the period for committing grand theft.Currently, the article about the theft decided to leave unchanged.

How to protect yourself against theft

mechanical lock, alarm, immobilizer, satellite system - all these tools help prevent car theft (Article 166).How old is the car market there, so much time machine owners are taking various measures to protect your car against theft.

mechanical lock is now with the advent of electronics has lost its popularity.Although it is a good tool in the fight against theft.Mechanical locking devices individually lockable as steering lock.The subject device is mounted on the gearbox, pedals, hood, steering wheel, steering wheel.

alarm system, even the most inexpensive, can prevent theft, scare away animals, and bullies.Who decided to establish model cars that use feedback.Simply put, when you try to penetrate into the car owner will receive a malicious message to stick.

alarm - a device that only the owner of the vehicle may be shut down or put in operation.It is able to break the major chains, provided in the ignition system.If a criminal gets hold of an original key, he still would not be able to start the vehicle he needs.

satellite system - anti-theft mechanism for the detection of stolen vehicles already.Since the attackers have learned to cope by stubs and with this mechanism, the satellite system started to reinforce additional alarms and immobilizers.