Semiprecious stones.

Green interspersed with red - these are the stones.Heliotrope can not be called a particularly bright or too attractive.Greens dull dark color.Red spots are not always in harmony with the general background.But it is not so fond of the beauty of it, and most of the other qualities.

As in ancient Egypt used these stones

Heliotrope known since ancient times.It was used in the ornaments.The ancient Egyptians believed that before the owner opened the doors.Unable to hold back the initiative of the person if his finger the ring is decorated with heliotrope.Knowledgeable people and now successfully used this stone property to their advantage.If you want to go to the officials do not differ more compliant, it is best to carry these stones.Heliotrope help them become compliant, in any case, with its owner!

magical properties

have long used not only "punching" and other magical properties of the stone.Thus, it is believed that a person who develops the ability to clairvoyance, find it the perfect companion.Heliotrope

- stone, properties which can not be described in two words.It not only pushes the master to master the foresight, intuition, but also cares about his fate.If you regularly wear heliotrope, then you are not afraid of troubles.Stone removes them from your path.If this is not possible, to minimize the losses from the evil of what happened.This is one of the best charms that nature has created.In the old magicians advised rulers to wear it in campaigns or in other difficult situations.Leaders certainly take it into responsible raids.Now heliotrope advised to wear to eliminate difficulties in the professional activity.Difficult issues are virtually by themselves if the pocket is heliotrope. Stone, magical properties which can be determined as "punch" and protecting, can help in the sphere of interpersonal relations.It will protect your love from the energy-effects from the outside.It will also help to deal with any stressful situation.Heliotrope lonely people wear is not recommended.It can push you to love.

use in rituals

Since ancient times believed that heliotrope enhances strength casting.Him happy to use wizards and sorcerers.They believe that by using it, they better act on natural phenomena.Hidden truth will open to owners of the stone.Heliotrope is especially popular in India.There he is a stone of wisdom, perseverance and courage.It helps in solving the most complex issues.

Medicinal properties

Litoterapists advised to use to increase the level of hemoglobin these stones.Heliotrope normalizes blood pressure and stimulates circulation.It will also help in situations that require long-term mental stress.It helps in any work which should "move" the brain.Fatigue does not threaten you if you are the owner of this wonderful stone.

To wear heliotrope

students - for the fastest language learning, scientists - for better disclosure of talent, lawyers - to concentrate, missionaries - for the development of tolerance and so on.Virtually no area where the heliostat would not be useful.There are unconfirmed belief that the stone can even protect from poison!