A lot of people today believe in omens, and otherworldly forces.In this first in our lives just enough.Even in ancient times people have tried to interpret their meaning.Interestingly enough explanation for a sign, when the pigeons sit on the window sill.

It would seem that so surprising?Surely many a beautiful bird that symbolizes peace and tranquility on our planet, repeatedly knocking on the window.And no one gave much importance to the fact that it is "perched" on the window sill.However, later in the life of a man who saw a pigeon trying to find temporary shelter in his house, came a whole series of amazing events.And at the same time before he got it over an omen: he saw the pigeons sit on the window sill.

There is a huge arsenal of folk interpretations will, directly or indirectly related to the above bird.According to the Bible, it is a pigeon during the Flood was a harbinger of things on the earth renewed life.

Yet, as explained omen when the pigeons sit on the window sill, in ancient times?Classical interpretation: if the birds flew into the house and beat on the glass - it is an omen of the imminent demise of anyone in the house or some news for guests.Moreover, it was believed that the spirit of the deceased will move into the body of the bird.

In this way, he seems to be lifted up to heaven and leaves the "earthly" kingdom.However, this pigeon can at any moment to come back and bring back news to relatives of the deceased person.It is also believed that the soul of the deceased can be transformed into the body of the bird, and because she was very homesick and their loved ones.

modern interpretation of omens, however, why the pigeons sit on the window sill, is somewhat different from the traditional.Today, everything is explained simply: the bird flew to you on the windowsill, then you are waiting for some news or will occur in the life of joyful events.

If the birds decided to "land" on the window sill of the office building where you work, it is very likely that you will get promoted.

Again, since ancient times has become a tradition that if a white dove sat on the windowsill, it means "unwritten" proof that the house someone dies from relatives.

If a bird circling around the house, the unmarried girls is a cause for joy - soon they will formally legalize their relationship with the partner.

However, if a white dove on the windowsill - a sign of a negative connotation, then, suddenly finding his clothes pigeon droppings, you should be aware that your financial affairs will soon "will go to the mountain."

When you see feathered strolling at your dinner table, you know, it does not bode well: it is very likely that one of your loved ones who will die in the near future.If you saw the pigeons on the roof strayed "into a pile," so there will be a storm.

believe or not to believe in omens - especially individual case, but it is important to learn how to explain them.One thing is certain: if the birds have chosen your windowsill, it's time to clean it.