How to pop soda and vinegar for heartburn at home: a recipe

Heartburn is not considered a very dangerous phenomenon.However, most people are seeking as soon as possible to get rid of.This is due to discomfort, which manifests itself in the pit of burning and an unpleasant taste in the mouth.Heartburn may suffer future mothers who have the fruit already backs the stomach and esophagus.Also, patients with a deficiency of the enzyme often experience this condition.The article tells you how to make a pop soda and vinegar.This solution is one of the most popular means to combat unpleasant symptoms.You find out how to make pop soda and vinegar, and not to be mistaken with the proportions.

help Why this tool?

before a pop soda and vinegar for heartburn, is to say how the medicine works.Heartburn is an excess of acid in the stomach.This juice can sometimes crosses into the esophagus and reach the larynx.At this point the person feels unpleasant, bitter taste in the mouth that does not leave him for a long time.

soda is alkaline.It inhibits the activity of excellent acid and establishes the balance of microflora.That is why the solution is drunk almost instantly relieves the patient.How to pop in the home of the soda and vinegar?There is a step by step guide preparation saving solution.Let us consider it in detail.

first point: water

How to pop soda and vinegar for heartburn?First you need to prepare the foundation.She is pure water.You can buy liquor at the store.It has drinkable.If the water flow is taken, it must first be boiled.To get rid of pathogens, heat treatment should be at least 10-15 minutes.

Pour the water into a glass.The volume of the beverage should be 100 milliliters.However utensils should take a little larger because the reaction will appear bubbles.If you choose to shop water, it must be preheated to a temperature of 40-50 degrees.

second point: the introduction of the main ingredient

How to pop soda and vinegar, and sugar?First you need to sweeten the drink.Do it quickly, until the liquid is cooled.Place a teaspoon of sugar in warm water.In the absence of loose sand can be refined to take.Thus the amount should be no more than 5 grams.

With a spoon stir until dissolved composition of the white product.After that, go to the next step.

third point: adding vinegar

before a pop soda and vinegar, you must ensure that you have the necessary components of the product.Ideally, you want to use apple cider vinegar.It is the most safe and even beneficial to the organism.Place one teaspoon of liquid into the glass with a sweet warm water.The scope of the ingredient should not exceed five milliliters.

If you can not find apple cider vinegar, you can use the usual 3%.You can also take the vinegar essence, and prepare their own right ingredient.To do this, read the instructions on the packaging and in the correct dosage connect plain water with the main product.After receiving the vinegar of 3% take 5 milliliters of the composition.

Stir sweet liquid with added sodium.All this must be done before the water begins to cool.Do not forget about it.

fourth paragraph: Soda

So you almost learned how to make a pop soda and vinegar.It remains to add the final ingredient in the drink.To do this, take sodium bicarbonate in an amount of 5 grams, and pour into a glass.Some patients previously screened soda, thus trying to avoid lumps.However, it is absolutely useless.You can safely pour sodium hydrogen into the liquid and do not worry that it will not be dissolved.Soda will react with the acid and sugar water to form an effervescent mixture.No need to wait until the storm calms down in a glass.You can immediately start to eat healthful composition.

fifth point: the use of drugs

need to drink fluids in small sips.We should not completely devastate the glass.Leave at the bottom about 5 millimeters beverage.It is there that is going to precipitate, which does not bear any good to your body.

features use pop soda and vinegar for heartburn

If you are often tormented by this symptom, you should see a doctor and get the right appointment.It is impossible to misuse the data drink.Otherwise, it may be an overdose of sodium hydrogencarbonate, which leads to complications.

The day allowed to drink no more than two servings of such healing composition.If necessary, you can divide 200 milliliters of 4 or more times.

Excessive consumption of soda leads to the formation of sand and stones in the kidneys also become brittle vessels and veins.The person may begin to experience symptoms of the disease of the heart muscle.


So, you now know how to make a pop soda and vinegar.The recipe with step by step description presented in this article.If you have never ate such a composition, it is necessary to start with small servings.If pregnancy can not be self-medicate.Refer to a specialist for advice.Be healthy!