New injury: what to do?

British Daily Telegraph newspaper interviewed the doctors and find out what the most unusual complaints refer patients to them during and after the holidays.

Food poisoning and allergies .Calls on New Year's feast bunch of guests?Better to ask them about their medical problems.The most common causative agents of food allergies - seafood and peanuts, so as dressings, fillings and additives it is better not to use.

blockade of airway .To put it simply, in a tipsy state, people often choke on food.

Cuts .Especially dangerous in this sense cans.Someone cut their edge, someone manages to pierce the palm itself, and someone even comes on the desolate banks and injure feet.

increasing number of injuries related to the careless handling of a knife while trying to remove the bones from the avocados and other exotic fruits.Eager to bite another glass''s holidays for the "flat people put fruit on hand and, without thinking twice, pierce them with a knife.

not less of a problem happens from broken dishes (especially glasses) and fir-tree toys.They, incidentally, is made from especially thin glass so that small fragments are obtained, and the most unpleasant cuts.

burns from candles, garlands and firecrackers receives every sixth.By the way, "cold" Bengal candles can easily burn the paper, and if it enters the eyes - severely damage the cornea.

Several people burned hands, shoulders and face (!), Taking dishes out of the oven.

Couple curious pinned face and eye of a needle hurt, seeking sex gifts tree.Judging by the amount of alcohol in the blood of the victims, it is possible that they were trying to get to the gifts on all fours.

A couple of days after the holidays ophthalmologists accept an increase in patients with a dry and irritated eyes.After heavy alcoholic libations some sleep ... with open eyes.

man in such a hurry to please his wife, he decided to try on a sweater given to him without leaving the table and did not even get up.In his haste, he did not calculate the position a little zipper on the collar and clamped between his teeth zip ... forever.

First Aid

electric shock

Many garlands, even if you purchased them in a specialty store, are dangerous.Since the lights are burning virtually round the clock, it can lead to melting of ammunition bulbs.To avoid this, turn off the hourly garlands for 15-20 minutes.If the lamps went out on New Year's night, repair them - not the best idea.But if you do decide to have suffered, and (electric shock you), listen to their feelings.

burning sensation in his fingers and down the arm, pain in the heart, aching feeling in the chest, irregular heartbeat - threatening symptoms.Of course, the electrical accident and may pass unnoticed, but it is possible that after 30-40 minutes will begin a heart problem, until it stops.You will need artificial respiration and chest compressions or defibrillation.Therefore, it became irregular heart take nitroglycerin, lie in bed and wait for the ambulance.


Burn can be obtained even by a Bengal fire.Often, this injury prone young children.First aid should be provided immediately.To reduce the pain and subsequent tissue damage, cool the burn, using ice or other means, cold running water or damp cloth.When the chemical burn injuries should be a place with plenty of water.Clothes that have stuck to the damaged skin, if necessary, trimmed around the wound.If the clothes are not burned, not smoldering and wet, it is better not to shoot.Injured must be warm, liquid water with baking soda and salt.


Another category of injuries during New Year celebrations - Christmas decorations cuts.They are deep, so for a long time to heal.The wound should be treated with hydrogen peroxide, and then pull the edges of the cut patch.If the blood spurts, not techet- tourniquet just above the wound and ran into the emergency room, a high probability that the wounded artery!


Another common Christmas injury - hit cap of sparkling wine in the eye.The injury is very serious, threatening retinal detachment.Therefore, we must immediately impose on the injured eye and a cold compress to go to the hospital!

Painless your New Year's fun!

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