Examination of arson: challenges and peculiarities of

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Fire can be for a person a friend and foe.Sometimes it causes significant harm, takes life.For example, buildings can burn as a result of arson.It is to understand how this phenomenon is qualified, and to consider the peculiarities of its investigation.Examination of arson made by experienced professionals who know all the nuances of the procedure.

What is fire?The reasons thereof

You must first understand the term shown.So, the burning of houses - it's mostly the intentional destruction of property, carried out with the use of an open flame.In some cases it can deprive the fire of life.

Arson home, car or other property may be carried out for a specific reason:

  • to hide the traces of the crime or have to prepare for it;
  • to avenge;
  • to intimidate the victim or other persons, hindering the implementation of illegal actions;
  • to obtain insurance.

In addition, the burning of a car or a house can be due to inadequate compliance with fire safety regulations, improper storage of flammable and explosive means.

methods of committing arson

There are different tools that provide fire building or equipment.Therefore, there are different ways to implement arson.

  1. With the help of specially trained agents who are able to quickly ignite.
  2. Creating conditions in which any material will light up on their own, which will contribute to a fire.
  3. With the use of special technical devices, as well as engineered products, with which you can make an arson at a certain time.Thus, the offender may delay the fire to ward off suspicion.

For example, the burning of a car is often carried out using explosives, or by faulty wiring.

Tasks examination

now should consider the fact that experts are required to do.Made arson expert must perform the following tasks:

  • find out whether it was deliberately caused by fire;
  • determine what methods were used arson;
  • set the fire of the facility;
  • determine the nature of the damage and its size;
  • establish how the situation has changed in the course of extinguishing the fire;
  • if there is dead, then you need to figure out how death occurred.To do this, conducted a medical examination of bodies.

Basically, it's the main tasks set by the examination of arson.Based on the information the criminal proceedings instituted in the future.Features


In order to understand how to investigate crimes related to the fire, it is necessary to consider the procedure itself carry out the necessary investigations.So, arson examination provides for the implementation of some specific steps.

  1. initial inspection of the scene.It allows you to set the source of fire, the way of the spread of fire and features fire development, to detect traces of the attacker, and other parameters.
  2. then conducted a survey of eyewitnesses.
  3. fire examination.It provides the establishment of the fire.
  4. study of substances and materials by which could be caused by a fire.In this step, experiments were conducted with the combustion products, which may be on different surfaces.
  5. Electrical studies.Here you determine whether the cause of the fire could be a fault or deliberate damage to the wiring.In addition, this study helps to figure out how the system worked emergency protection.Be sure this examination is carried out, if there was an arson attack on the car.
  6. forensic examination.It is carried out only if the crime scene was found dead.
  7. Investigatory experiment.Through this action restores the picture of the crime.It must necessarily be carried out at the place where it was carried out by fire.

In this way, the crime being investigated by experts specialized laboratory.

arson and responsibility for it

Often ignition occurs on someone's will.That is carried out arson.However, the offense is necessarily criminal consequences for the offender.

Presented crime involves the following penalties: the restriction or deprivation of liberty.It all depends on the severity of arson, and the presence of injured or killed people.At the same time the offender can spend behind bars three years.The upper threshold of unlimited duration of the punishment.

should be noted that the responsibility for such a crime occurs since the age of fourteen.If the damage is not very big, and no one in the fire died, the offender will receive up to five years in prison.Naturally, the Criminal Code provides for different qualifications submitted offense.

That's all.Be reasonable.