An innovative way of modernization of Russia.

last few years, these words sound almost daily from the TV screen.Most of the inhabitants of our country, with a smile refer to these words.Many of these words are perceived as a fad.But moving this process in our country.The development of the Internet makes it possible to send and receive any information almost instantly.But the majority of the population uses the internet as entertainment.On the Internet at the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation formed a large government.But the site just a little more than six thousand people.There are websites of Russian President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, where every citizen can apply to the proposal, or to complain about the act or omission of an official.But such a possibility are only a few.It prevents full use of the process of modernization and innovation skepticism of citizens, lack of information and a simple computer illiteracy.But, it should be properly distribute the forces aimed at the modernization and innovation in the country.Russia has always been an agrarian country.This is due to our history and geographic position.It is therefore necessary to direct the majority of forces in the modernization of agriculture.In Europe, the industrial development due to him that they did not have enough land.If modernize agriculture, Russia has become a global supplier of organic foods.Just in terms of technology, it is necessary to use the achievements of world science and on the basis of these achievements and carry out a quality technological leap, rather than reinvent the wheel twice.Here in Russia there is established scientific school for decades.It is necessary to start the upgrade.Perform personnel and technical strengthening based on various akadem.towns and scientific research institutes, rather than build from scratch the new centers that require more than a decade that would establish productive work.Modernization and innovation right and necessary process in our country.But it is necessary, given the territory of our country and the mentality to develop a program of modernization and innovation designed for 25-30 years.For its successful implementation and the need to raise awareness among the population of Enlightenment.The whole process should be divided into several areas:

- modernization of social

- economic modernization

- modernization of the political sphere

- modernization of agriculture

- modernization of industry.

This process should be carried out in all the above areas.Increased funding in one direction and to bring him the greatest priority, a negative impact on other directions.That in turn will cause an imbalance in the country and in other areas of life.Smart software innovation and modernization in Russia secured its well-being and prosperity.Implementation of the country is possible only with the direct support and involvement of the entire population of Russia.