Rates CTP

For several months, rumors of an impending increase in insurance rates.Lobbying interests of insurance companies put on a grand scale.The media quoted various "experts", most of them in fact are direct participants in the insurance market.Discussions on the Internet is heated interest in the topic.This is understandable in a country where only park cars for a long time exceeded 30 million, can not be otherwise.

And it seems at first glance that the arguments cited by the initiator of the rumors - Ministry of Finance, and picked up by various spokesmen of the insurance business, it is quite reasonable.Since the enactment of the law on insurance, the actual cumulative inflation was, despite reports to the Finance Ministry, more than 270%.A base rate has not been revised in the meantime.

And the very idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliability insurance is very good.When properly implemented, it should ensure citizens - car owners a lot of convenience.But, as we see, the citizens are dissatisfied.

One reason for this dissatisfaction is even not the rate and mechanism of its calculation.Ministry of Finance, Internal Revenue Service and in general the current government stubbornly tied all taxes and fees collected from car owners directly to a specific vehicle.

But how is this possible, if we talk about liability insurance?Can the car itself to be responsible?Yes, and civil?Of course, no.Responsibility brings citizen.Since receiving his driver's license, citizen of Russia take on the right to drive a vehicle and the responsibility for the consequences of violations of rules and regulations of the road taken by the country.

So why is the cost of insurance of car owner depends on what kind of car he drives?Is a driver's license identifies a particular vehicle, which the driver can drive?No, only a license indicates the type of vehicle.

As a deputy of the State Duma, I repeatedly received treatment voters asking to clarify this legal incident.As a lawyer - a lot of time spent on the study of the legal component of this issue in Russia and in the world.And my conclusion is unequivocal.Motor vehicle liability insurance can not be tied to a particular machine.

Why do we now have a different system?Why not consider the world experience and are guided by the logic?It comes to mind just saying about the stars, which are not lit, if someone is not necessary.Needless to say, the drivers in the country is less than the insurable vehicles of all categories.And that means more insurance fees.

And I personally, and all the Just Russia faction in the State Duma disagrees with the current formula for calculating insurance rates, and consider it unfair, designed to protect the interests of insurance companies, rather than the citizens of Russia.

necessary to radically revise the mechanism for calculating tariffs CTP, completely excluded from the formula all factors related to the capacity of the vehicle.The calculation should be made public in the rights category, the overall driving experience and, of course, years of accident-free driving.In order to avoid fraud and change the insurance company "after the accident," it is necessary to form a consolidated database of traffic police and the companies belonging to the network of insurance insurers, and insurance for emergency cases.At the present level of development of information technologies is not much complicate the procedure of issuing the policy, will ease the financial burden on law-abiding drivers and protect insurance companies against unfair.

In any case, the revision of tariffs CTP, whatever he was motivated, in its current form seems to me completely unacceptable.In itself, liability insurance for drivers - it is important for a modern civilized society, but long overdue review of the technology of this type of compulsory insurance, and today it is necessary to consider the whole question in the complex, taking into account the logic and interests of citizens, not only defending the interests of insurance companies.