The most expensive rare metal that will cause World War III

That rare metals will cause a new world war, and a new division of the world.So says a lot of experts in the field such as high technology.And it's not about the gold, silver, and even platinum.No, it is a really rare metals, the annual production of which rarely passes for 1,000 tons.A steady growth of high-tech equipment requires more and more raw materials, which includes and rare metals.

So, let's look at a few metals that are considered the most expensive in the world and the most rare.

should start with India (Indium).This metal belongs to the group of light metals appearance metal silver-white color.It belongs to the category of rare metals is not accidental, since it is very difficult to allocate from ores of other metals and the allocation obtained very small amount.It is used for the manufacture of LCD screens and as components for solar cells.And the cost of the metal is only $ 700 per kilogram.

following rare metal Lu (Lutetium).It refers to the lanthanides and is widely used in the production of a variety of media and laser technologies.Rare metals such as Lu today is not less than 3.5 thousand dollars per kilogram.

Scandium (Scandium) as one of the rare metal that is widely used in industry as an additive to aluminum and magnesium alloys, which can significantly change their physical properties, in sports equipment where necessary light but durable accessories, petroleum industry and in medicine.On appearance is a lightweight metal silver with a yellow tint.The cost of this metal is 12 thousand dollars per 1 kilogram.

following rare metal that simply can not mention it Osmium (Osmium).It belongs to a group of so-called platinum group metals and the appearance of a bluish-silver metal brittle.It is widely used in filaments in incandescent tungsten alloy in the production of artillery ammunition and missiles.And just as little what technique in the aviation and space industry does not contain the metal.Moreover, in combination with base metals in a particular ratio of the rare metal is used for manufacturing a feather tips of fountain pens.The cost of this metal passes for 200 thousand dollars in just 1 gram.

Finally, most, expensive and rare metal on the planet is - California.It is mainly used in the form of isotope 252Cf, which is a radioactive material.The main purpose of this metal is medicine, but rather technology radiotherapy.The cost of this metal is 6.5 million dollars per gram.

Now think not without reason all of the above chemical elements gave the name of rare metals.And it's not that they can get a little, it all is that the fields, where they are at the minimum level for commercial production can be counted on the fingers of one hand.This is the opinion of experts cause to fight for these deposits.After all, none of the leaders of the superpowers like the US, China, Japan, Russia, will not come to mind to give up high-tech and manufacturing LCD monitors, baseball bats, computing, and space technology.But recent developments with respect to the oil fields have made it clear, as a superpower solve their problems.