Zodiac signs.

Coco Chanel, Madonna.These two great women united by their membership of the zodiacal - Lev.Characteristics Leo female is fully consistent with the queen of all animals lioness and her fiery temperament.Women proud Lions go through life with your head held high.Fine describes a woman the phrase "cat walks by itself."

Feature mark.Lion female

Fire gave it vitality, commitment, the ability to go out with dignity from the rough and tumble of life.They are stepping through life like a queen, proud, do not let anyone step over their own principles.Characteristics of Leo-woman like a torch.It will burn and waste their energy on home and family and a career and society.Since childhood, little lioness, likely was a leader among his peers, such as the conservation status of adult and elegant lady.On a subconscious level, they feel their undoubted superiority, but that she was born a special royal family, she was not to blame.The main characteristic of Leo-woman - it was her self-centeredness and pride, sometimes even excessive.If you just want to get to know her, you should stock up on a good compliment exquisite and expensive gifts.Marry you on it will be much easier if you are the crown prince or a thoroughbred gentleman.With such a woman should be treated like a queen, to put it higher, to respect and to emphasize dignity.Still, if you are insecure people and to the same laconic, will have to choose a companion easier and without the "blue blood" Lev-woman.Characteristic sign sometimes makes our heroine becomes a victim of his own illusions.They are extremely susceptible to flattery, and even one that was too obvious.But this is only because it is firmly convinced of the advantages.

Feature-Lion women in the family

man she chooses, must undoubtedly be higher than its social status, it is stronger.She - and the passionate nature of love given entirely without fear of condemnation, but the marriage is taken very seriously.Spouse women Lionesses can consider yourself a real lucky.During her fortitude lies selfless and gentle nature.For her family above all else.Her husband, she is not inclined to change, except for the situation where the gap is already inevitable.She is affectionate with svomi close, but keeps a distance from the others.Her husband, she will support in any emergency.As a real lioness, female lion never give offense to their children, give them everything they need, but personal values ​​had been received.

Feature Lion female and compatibility with other signs

Nice Union will have female lioness with a male Gemini, Cancer, Taurus.With the first they have a similar way of life, and the second and the third patient enough, household and know how to make.Leo and Virgo do not get along together under one roof, asVirgin will not stand the pressure of personal Lioness.Pisces and Capricorn absolutely not fit passionate lioness.They are silent, like privacy and do not tend to endow the opposite sex signs of attention.

to subdue this woman, it should be treated as a high and impregnable rock, carefully prepare and gather strength.