Stone Lion: what to choose?

Lions - regal animals.People born under this sign have a strong personality.They always stand out from the crowd and attract attention.Friends, loved ones and acquaintances treat them with great respect.Lions do not like to be sad.They prefer to be in crowded places and have fun.They are born leaders and seek to control in all spheres sovey life, be it family or work.

Like other zodiac signs, Lions have their own charms and stones that suit them more than others.They help them in daily activities and set up the best.Stone Lion must always have a yellow color.It is best suited to them beryl, amber and topaz.

Lions sign is under the auspices of the sun.It is believed that this is why the happiness it brings amber.This stone lion can be a wonderful talisman and go to the man through life.Amber is not a gem.It does not have the beauty of emeralds and splendor of diamonds.It attracts solar heat.In the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and priestesses wore jewelry with this magnificent stone.It was believed that he gives the beauty, strength and attracts good luck.Today, we have scientific proof that amber (the same name that contains acid) is an excellent biostimulant.He plays the role of anti-toxic and anti-stress agent.The raw pieces of stone can be hung or put at the head of the bed.Thus, they will help insomnia.For Lions characterized by a variety of diseases of the cardiovascular system.In this case, also helps the succinic acid.It is used in anemia, after surgery, cardiac disease, as a stimulant of the nervous system and respiratory system.Amber - is the perfect mascot for stone-lion-woman.It has long been believed that a pregnant woman wearing it, by all means give birth easily.

Very nice semi-precious stone lion - a beryl.It has a yellowish-green color.Thanks to him, the Lions are pleasant to talk to.It becomes easier to build relationships with others.Stone helps them become stronger and reveals hidden talents.Peridot makes Lions more attractive and charming.Stone calms the nervous system, gives a peaceful sleep, protects from nightmares.It is best to wear a stone set in gold.In conjunction with this metal stone strengthens the spiritual and internal forces its owner to give him the opportunity to look into the future.These rings can often be seen in the hands of soothsayers and astrologers.

What a gem fits Lions?The best answer to this question will be - topaz.This stone is not too expensive, but incredibly beautiful.It is transparent and has a yellow color.This is a real stone lions.It enhances its natural properties.Stone Lions brings riches and favor with his superiors.Under his influence, these people will surely move up the career ladder.In addition, topaz helps detect enemies and detractors.It will protect against diseases such as gout, asthma, insomnia.Men, he gives power and fertility of women.