Plush Cow - a breed that will win everyone!

as decorative pet people usually keep dogs or cats.Of course, first of all we are talking about small animals, which can be kept in a city apartment.But the owners of their own estates who want to stand out from the crowd, it can make a decorative ... cow!And these animals are able to captivate their appearance.

Plush Cow - breed, bred on the ranch of the American state of Iowa, which are bred specifically for participation in exhibitions and sales of exotic lovers.Hornless animals are completely covered with soft, like a plush feel, scalp, which is compared with a gentle South American alpaca wool.Are they, too, not as an ordinary peasant cattle.The cost of the calf can reach up to several tens of thousands of dollars.

has long been a cow nurse rural families.And today we are accustomed to regard it only as a source of milk and meat.And for good reason.Plush Cow - a breed whose popularity is gaining momentum among fans of cute, nice and fluffy.Especially good are the calves, since the growth of animals gain muscle mass and do not look as aesthetically pleasing.Wool their extraordinarily beautiful and very soft to the touch.

breeds cows with an unusual scalp long been known.For example, Scottish highland appeared in 1885 and became one of the symbols of the country.Animals of this breed is characterized by a thick bangs covering her eyes, and their long hair to withstand the harsh climate.Yet plush cow by its unusual.She's the only one who is not only the body but the legs are covered with thick wool carpet.

Despite the fact that the breed was developed in America after its opening to the rest of the world belongs to the Japanese.Plush calves became famous after the publication of their photos on a Japanese forum.As already mentioned, the Americans are not diluted these cows for milk and meat, and for beauty, and participation in exhibitions.When evaluating animal experts take into account not only the general standards of the breed, but the characteristics of individuals.In recent years, the most appreciated bulls Monopoly and heat waves.Among the breeders are fighting for getting calves from these manufacturers.Yet today plush cow - the breed is not recognized officially.It is considered a hybrid, because the adult animals do not look so impressive, as calves.Long hair remains, but no longer seems like a plush.Breeders do not lose hope to maintain this feature of the animals throughout their lives.Perhaps the day will come when they will receive well-deserved recognition experts.

meantime plush cow - a breed that attracts attention and causes the affection of all who only sees it.Charming calves and pulls pat and hug.The same feeling usually cause kittens or small fox Fenech.Just look at how cute plush cow.Photos do not convey all the charm of this breed, because they do not allow you to feel the softness of this beautiful thick hair.Especially children like animals.