Which mattress is better for the child: a spring or springless?

strong and healthy sleep promotes good mood and well being of the child.It is important that he had a comfortable bed.Therefore, the choice of mattress for the baby must be approached with great responsibility.Doctors directly linked to the problems of the spine properly selected mattress.When buying it is necessary to consider a number of factors: age of the child, his needs, design and quality of the mattress is filled with material.In order to accurately answer, which mattress is best for the child is to explore its variety.In the market you can find several models with the dependent and independent spring and latex-coconut.

Varieties of mattresses

models with dependent springs are fastened spring block.These mattresses comply with all standards of quality, inexpensive and well established among consumers.The spring unit provides product excellent breathability.This model would be a good solution, if in the future the child will have a full "adult" bed.

mattresses with independent spring block are the most popular among the Russian population.Some people believe that they are harmful to children, as "Spring swings" can harm children's spine.As experts say, no study is not confirmed, and in science there is no such thing.If the facts do not calm the parents, they can get a good springless mattress, filled with high-quality polyurethane foam or latex, which happens rarely.

economic models considered latex-coconut mattress.It is made of hollofaybera and has no springs.Its low price is low due to long service life due to a thin layer of coconut coir.Therefore, only the parents choose which mattress is best for the child: a spring or springless.

materials used to manufacture

baby mattresses with safe equipment.When you buy should pay attention to the product and packing case.Natural fillers are considered to be the safest, as it does not cause allergies, does not rot and confirmed excellent breathable.The most popular natural coir is filled, but not inferior to her, and the product of linseed filler.It differs strength, elasticity, and heat-bonding even higher than coir.Moreover, such material does not crumble and crushed, which increases its service life.

should take into account the impurities added to the natural filler.Today lateksizirovannoe coir is hardly safe as formaldehyde, which are contained in a mattress, can harm a child's health.Therefore, many manufacturers have abandoned this filler.

Mattresses with springs also require attention.The material separating the layers, the spring must be very strong, because it protects the other layers of the mattress and did not allow him to bend.

Which mattress is better for children from 2 years

for children of that age requirements for a place to sleep the most stringent.Many parents of small children often ask what mattress is best for the child from 2 years.Pediatricians say that for kids this age is best to choose the hard option.It should forget about batting, because wool has a feature topple, forming pits and mounds.On such a surface, the child is hard to find a comfortable sleeping position.The same problem with a mattress of foam.Besides, it is too soft, and the two-year kid will just sink into it.

Professional advice: coir or latex foam

Doctors recommend buying it hard mattress.The fact that young children do not have the physiological deflections of the spine, but in order to form a correct posture, more suitable rigid model.The best option would be a mattress filled with coconut shavings.This product will provide the necessary flexibility and stiffness, in addition, it is absolutely safe for the baby, because the chips coconut hypoallergenic.Also, coir does not absorb odors, it does not absorb moisture and perfectly breathable.Strong and healthy baby sleep assured.If parents have doubts, you should consult with an expert, he always tells you which mattress is best for the child.

best option for a two-year toddler will be two-sided mattress.Its advantage is that one side is filled with coconut, which is great, even newborn babies, and the second is made of latex foam.Latex similar Koyre, it is perfectly safe material which does not cause allergies.In addition, the polyurethane foam will serve its owner for a long time.

kid was three years

Children grow up very quickly, so parents have to change the bed, age-appropriate baby.In this connection it is necessary to buy other bedding.When parents lose their choice because they do not know which mattress is best for a child from 3 years old to buy.For this age is best to choose an orthopedic mattress, because it is able to provide the right back position, while the baby sleeps.You should check that it was not too hard, because the children do not get enough sleep on these mattresses.Older kids do not spend not so much time in bed as babies - their sleep was reduced to about 8-9 hours.Doctors are allowed to use orthopedic mattress a little softer.For three years the body has changed a little kid - a strong bone replaces the elastic cartilage, but the physiological curves are still forming.To 7 years usually set neck bending and a 12 - lumbar.Therefore, in order to support forming the spine, you should choose the mattress is not too hard.

four-year kid

Closer to four years for the grown child of toddler beds buy a larger bed.Not all teenage parents choose an option, and rightly so.The bed should not be too big for a child.As he grows, his needs change in comfort.Kid becomes active in movements, games.Therefore, parents should think of another sleeping place and about what mattress is best for a child of 4 years.Experts recommend choosing a ready to non-standard loads mattress.Spring models of great support the spine and replace the child trampoline.Springless mattresses are recommended from a medical point of view, but they will not spend a fun time.In any case, whatever the mattress is chosen, it should be medium hardness and a height of 7 to 10 centimeters.

child turns 5 years

In fact, single answer, which mattress is best for a child of 5 years, no.Some doctors argue that the kid that age, you can buy already spring mattresses, which are of two kinds: the block of springs and independent affiliates.From the first category should be abandoned as a mattress does not provide the necessary support to the spine.The fact that the dependent spring interconnected, and weight of the child, they bend, so it can not be called orthopedic.But the second category of the mattress is orthopedic effect due to special design.Each spring, as it were "packed" and click on the one does not involve other springs sag.Which mattress is better for the child, the parents decide.But it is not necessary to save the health of their babies.

It should be noted that the springless mattress is also suitable for a child of five.But it should be medium hardness made of latex or polyurethane.Of course, not every family can afford to natural rubber latex, as it is an expensive material and is mainly used in high-end models.As an option - synthetic latex, which is the quality and properties are not inferior to the natural one, but its cost is much lower.The mattress is made of polyurethane foam is even cheaper, but it meets all the requirements that apply Children's mattresses.Due to the strength of the material and high elasticity, non-sprung mattresses are durable.

From five years old and above

If the child is 5 years old, then it is recommended that a model with a block of independent springs or springless mattress of medium hardness.The filler in this model is the coconut coir, latex or foam orto-foam.On the forums you can often find the question of what mattress is best for the child from 5 years old.Recommendations received different.But it is better to consult a pediatrician, taking into account the needs and characteristics of the child.

child turns 7 years

Compared with small children, the spine of seven child does not need a hard mattress with coconut filling.Now the kid can choose their own mattress.Parents can only check the quality of the product and to select the appropriate size.
Still, it helps to understand which mattress is best for the child of 7 years.As already mentioned, latex models without springs last longer their owners.To provide support for the spine, the height of the mattress has to be more than 11 centimeters.Experts advise to choose the model of well-known manufacturers that are proven, then the bed to keep the baby healthy posture.Of course, suitable for all age groups sided mattress with different rigidity.At first, the baby sleep better on the harder side, but if he wants to feel comfortable (my mother's warmth), you can turn the mattress.