Are you interested cultivators?

Choosing garden art is diverse, and the first place in sales are cultivators.Reviews about working with this technique is to listen to select the appropriate option.These mechanisms are divided into small, medium and large.For ripping, plowing and other work in the garden of a sufficiently small appliances.To maximize the opportunities of the mechanism, the package often includes attachments: a rake, lugs, an aerator, a plow for planting potatoes.For more samples - tillers - you can even buy a truck.

cultivable land available mechanisms of two types - gasoline and electric cultivators.Comments made at the correct selection and use of the machine according to the technical possibilities, but good.Elektrokultivatory used in small areas in the processing of shrubs (raspberry, currant), flower beds, beds for shallow tillage, weeding, opening the moisture after a rain.They work on the conventional network at a voltage of 220V.The absence of exhaust gases and relatively quiet operation makes their use in the premises (greenhouses, greenhouses) and the town is very convenient.These models are lightweight, very comfortable with women and older lovers of gardening work.To date, demand for models such as the 390 Sadko ET-, Gardena EH 600 20, Ryobi RCP-1000, Tiller Joe TJ600E 6.5 AMP Electric.

petrol engine used on large areas of land or where there is no electricity nearby.The versatility of this technique, the ability to plow, weed, hill, loosen and even make fertilizer can greatly simplify not only the country life, but also the hard work of rural residents.Petrol cultivators, reviews confirm this, require more care, especially for rubbing machinery, use the recommended oil, sufficient physical training.This powerful and heavy machines.

on farmlands most of our time working seniors.To facilitate their work, should be properly defined in the parameters of the relevant technology.Garden cultivators perform a wide variety of work, depending on the power of the engine and attachments.But the more powerful the machine, the heavier construction and more physical strength required for the job.So as gardening assistants offer light, weighing about 15 kg and an output not exceeding 2 hp and medium model, capacity of which is 3.5 - 5 hpand weight from 25 to 50 kg.Eto such models AL-KO MH 350, MTD T 245, LM MTD T 330 M, Sadko M 400, Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Cultivator.

choosing equipment, summer resident or a villager is sure to be watching offers from online stores, agricultural fairs, or simply in a garden shop.It is necessary to choose a cultivator, reviews about the firm- producer and specialist vendors, good neighbors in giving advice and participants on Internet sites will certainly help in this matter.

depending on engine capacity, quality and type of mechanism, the manufacturer, the prices of this technique range from 5,000 rubles - light elektrokultivatory, to 50,000 rubles - a heavy walk-behind well-known company that is used for the treatment of large areas.Buying a machine, should carefully examine all the proposed models.Choose necessary not only on price, quality, and weight, and ease of travel, because even a good technique as cultivators, reviews truckers and owners of private plots confirms it will not work by itself.And the more solid and heavy machinery, the greater the costs it would require physical strength.