Repost: what is and what is needed

groups, communities, and public spaces in social networks help in promoting your business.Today, advertising on the Internet occupies a huge place and it is a powerful source of information reports.Social networking service provides not only companionship of friends, colleagues and classmates, but also to promote the brand, News Alerts and suggestions, as well as customers and partners the opportunity to voice their opinions about companies and their products.

post and repost

What posts and repost?Today, every successful businessman or aspiring entrepreneur owns Web resource for informing customers about its activities.If you translate from English verb "post" (post), its value lies in the hanging of any message.This means that making positions in the public place a Web resource, you post an ad or message in order to attract the attention of readers.Repost - what is it?Re translated to English means "once again", which means that a posted message is posted again.Service of social networking allows y

ou to post your content, and do repost publications from the pages on the wall groups and communities, and vice versa.

Consider the example of how to create a post, and how to do repost."In contact" page the user is a profile with a photo, contact information and a public wall.In the "What's new?"You can place your stuff in the form of messages, announcements or any other information.Service of social network "VKontakte" provides an opportunity to add to the public record images and photos, video or music files, documents, notes, interviews and more.To put the information on the wall, you need to open your page and put the cursor in the text field.Then the record and attach to it all necessary.Your post will be visible on your page, as well as in the news section, "VKontakte" to friends and subscribers.Now let's look at an example of how to make a repost.What is placement of material again and again?Social networks allow you to create your own group, and join existing communities.If you are the administrator, and fill their own group content, then repost information from other groups in your community will make the wall an interesting place to comment and exchange views.Dilute posts in their own community groups, other material - be it positive pictures, humor and other relevant information, not contradicting or close to your subject.For those who do not want to do this on their own or who lack free time, there is a special program that does automatically repost.Its principle of operation is as follows: marked community interesting and suitable material, and the program makes a repost on the page you specify.We understand the concept of "post" and "repost": that is, how to make and use.Now it remains to fill your page wall varied group of good content, receive the mark "like", respond to comments and develop, increasing the range of their fans and customers.