Dream Interpretation: what dreamed rabbits

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Crawley in a dream, as a rule, are a good omen.Different sources give different interpretations.To find out exactly what dreamed rabbits need to be taken into account in the interpretation of all the details of the dream.

Winter Dreams: what rabbits dreamed

If a person had a crawl, then he needs to get ready for the hustle and bustle of life, which will be triggered by some intrusive and widespread rumors.The dream indicates that the gossip probably will not be unfounded, despite this, they may distract the sleeper from something very important in life.

Dreams Grishina

Rabbits in a dream, as a rule, are a symbol of love, mutual sexual attraction of men and women, as well as adultery.If sleep separates them - a great happiness.To remove the skin from the dream of the animal - in reality turn out to be in a desperate situation.

Dreams Meneghetti

Rabbit - a symbol of the devaluation of man as a person.This animal is extremely fruitful, so if it is in the dream, the reality it can mean a fear of someone's sexual inadequacy or fear of being a parent.When a man dreams of a woman who cares for rabbits - in reality it has a strong subconscious desire to join her in a sexual relationship.

Dreams Hasse: what dreams white rabbit

If a person dreams that he sees a white rabbit in a dream - a good sign.Dream promises a great joy.What the dream rabbit black, usually portends sadness.This animal can also come in a dream as a warning that could harm psevdodruzya sleeping.

Gypsy Dream Book

If you had a hare or a rabbit that sits quietly, a person will be able to increase your wealth.When many animals are in a cage - will be a significant increase in wealth.Black rabbit - to complex or risky financial situation.White - for succession.

Dream Miller

Rabbits in a dream means a happy twist of fate that a beneficial impact on human life.The first significant increase revenues.White Rabbits dream to faithfulness in love and marriage.If a man had a dream that around frolic and pranks rabbits, then in reality it will have great joy associated with children.

Dreams Wanderer: what rabbits dreamed

These animals are a symbol of sexuality and fertility.They can also point to the most delicate, vulnerable and unprotected part of the soul sleeping.

American dream book

Rabbits in a dream usually portend prosperity.If a person dreams that animal running fast, quite blindly, then in reality it will be rushing from one thing to another.

English dream book, Why dream rabbits

These animals dream portend that sleep will soon move to a big city and enter it in a happy marriage.This dream promises prosperity in all your undertakings.All business plans come true, and competitors will remain with the nose.If a married lady prividitsya rabbits, it waits for addition to the family.

French sonnik

When dreaming white rabbit, man will succeed.If the animal is black, the sleep was strongly upset because doghouse lover or patron.Kill the rabbit in a dream - to large losses.There his meat - for good health and longevity.

Dreams Azar

dream in which a man saw a rabbit means that in reality it is waiting for a profit.