How to put the car on the account

to dissect on Russian roads, not enough to get right and get the car.It is necessary to put the car on the account in GAI.The procedure will be slightly different, depending on where you purchased the car: in the salon, or hands.With a new car easier, firstly, some dealers' inspectors put the car on the account on the site, and secondly, the new cars will pass 100% inspection.

Such salons are not much, but they are, in any case, should ask before you buy, whether they do not have such service.If you do not have, do not worry - you can get the numbers in the usual way in the department of traffic police.

To save time before you put the car on the account, it is better to prepare in advance all the necessary documents: their own passport, a passport technical means, the contract insurance, designed for a year, driving license of the respective category, the score from the showroom for new cars anda contract of sale for a used, transit number, issued by the previous withdrawal.If the registered owner of the car is not, and the other person, it needs a power of attorney.

To save time before you put the car on the account, it is necessary to know in advance the schedule on which operates the traffic police department at the place of registration.It is better to move this process on your holiday or take time off to work, to have time to do everything, because the process of issuing numbers can take a whole day.Sometimes advised to come early, 20 minutes before the opening to take place one of the first, but practice shows that such forward can muster a dozen, and stand a couple of hours before you put the car on the account, it is, anyway,have to.When a suitable place in the window pass all the documents, fill out an application, receive an act of inspection and waiting again, this time to check his car.While not all came, you need to go to Sberbank and pay all state fees (per room, per changes to TCP), which will cost about 2,500 rubles.Inspector inspects the machine, all the numbers are matched with those in the documents (according to the latest changes do not look at the engine room, so if he was replaced by another - do not worry) and if no complaints, signed by the inspection certificate.If they are, for example, were shot down or a car number was not changed by the standard inspection, it may not pass.Moreover, if the car arouse suspicion, it can hold up to clarify.

with signed act is sent back to the owner, again gives documents and waits for receipt of new rooms.If wanting a little bit, will have to wait for half an hour - an hour.By the way, if sold second-hand car, you can leave the old numbers, pre reissuing them over.In this case, stamp duty will be significantly less - only need to pay for re-registration.When the numbers will be given, will be their only tie, and go home.

frequent situation when the owner leaves (or lives), hundreds of kilometers from the place of registration.How to put the car on the account in this case?You can get numbers in absentia by a trustee.Before you put the car on the account, you must collect all the specified documents + a photocopy of the TCP and go to the nearest branch of the traffic police.They must take the form of a single act of granting maintenance, fill it out, sign and stand at the head of all the documents in a common place.When the turn will come, the owner must hand over all the documents to obtain an inspection report and adjust the car to check.After checking the driver is sent to the window with the documents.At the end of the procedure on his hands should remain: the act of a single examination and pass inspection.These two documents, as well as transit accommodation, the contract of sale, insurance, insurance, TCP, power of attorney and a passport copy certified by a notary, you can send the place of registration to a person who appears confidant could get rooms without presenting for inspectioncars.