Memo, the procedure for writing and recording

function and purpose

Memo is a form of internal communications and, depending on the content, the information may be, proactive and accounting nature.It sets out the position of an independent business unit or manager on any issue.Memo may include suggestions or requests and address any governing party, including the superior.

Signing and registration

memos signed by the immediate supervisor unit.At the bottom left corner it should endorse the performer.There's also written his name and telephone number.

The structural units of memos recorded in the electronic document management program.They were given a number, is sent to the department in paper form and in electronic form.The numbering of the index is made up of units and the registration number.

date of the memo is the moment of its registration.Her original resolution governing person sent to the head.A copy of the memo has returned to the executor.

Variety memos

A report memo - it kind of memo addressed to the direct supervisor.A report drawn up when necessary to reflect the opinion of the head of the unit or on a particular issue and give concrete suggestions.

Depending on the purpose and content of the memoranda can be proactive (in the form of comments and suggestions) or reporting (on the results of checks on a business trip).

date or time period to which the information fixed in the memorandum, it is necessary to allocate a separate line, to include in the header or in the beginning of the text.A memo signed by the author and compiler.

Content memos

textual part of the memo and the memorandum recommended amount of 2 parts.The first part of it - must consist of the facts that gave rise to the writing of it, and the second - of the proposals and sets out the relevant conclusions on the issue.

Each developed a document can contain only one question.The exceptions are reports, orders, plans, reports and summarizing documents.

Memo should include reasonable information provided objective, concise, competent, understandable and without unnecessary repetition.The text part made in the form of continuous text, tables, forms, or a combination of these forms.

complex continuous text of any document should consist of logically and grammatically consistent information about the actions of the management, which are reflected in the relevant provisions, the rules, regulations and regulatory documents.

Memo should have mandatory details and immutable order of placement: the author, the name of the company and its code, zip code, date, title, main text, visas, artist signature, stamp on the implementation and direction of the document in the case.

Title memo must be set out briefly.If the document referred to several problems, the header can be generalized.

rules addressing

memos addresses of organizations, units or specific managers within the company.The document, addressed to many organizations uniform, generalized destination point.Memo should not have more than 4 destinations.


All outgoing information in the volume of the memo should be made available upon request and only sent officially.The information provided must be signed and endorsed by the head, scope of activities that it affects.

All memos are subject to mandatory dating.Document Date, and any official mark on it is an indispensable requisite of any document.