Commemoration of the dead.

Orthodox priests teach parishioners that sincere prayer for the repose of the souls of dead relatives and pious mentions - this is the best that can give them descendants.The soul of the deceased needs prayers for the dead neighbor.Commemoration of the dead - a centuries-old Orthodox tradition.It will include a plurality of rites.

Commemoration of the dead immediately after the death

The first stage begins with the Prayers of remembrance, which bought the church after the death of a person.

newly departed commemorated every day, every 40 days, spending the third and ninth days of special solemnity of prayer.To order

Prayers can be in several churches, moreover, the more churches will serve it, the easier it will be to go through the ordeal of the deceased at the time of the personal court that just committed during that period.

After forty days period should apply the note with the name of the deceased in the liturgy and requiem.To order

Prayers, memorial services and liturgy, to give alms with a request of prayer for the dead, pray in the Psalms, it is possible for any person, other than committed suicide, as well as all those who have not been baptized in the Orthodox Church.

Commemoration of the dead on the 3rd and 9th days.Memorial service after the expiration of 40 days from the death of

On the third day, performed a service dedicated to the three-day resurrection of Christ and the image of the Virgin.On the ninth day of prayer held in honor of the servants of the King of Heaven - nine angels who pray for God's people.Remembrance on the fortieth day to honor and memory of the Ascension of Jesus, which occurred on the 40th day after the Resurrection.

Commemoration of the dead in the other designated days

death anniversary - the day of remembrance for family and close friends of the deceased.On Saturday Meatfare (cheese preceding week), Orthodox Christians pray to God that the grace he displayed in the Day of Judgment.On this day, the Church prays for all those who slept in the Orthodox faith from the beginning of mankind.Three main
Saturdays of Lent - parents, during which people commemorate the dead and pray for their souls.

Radunitsa - Tuesday poslepaskhalnoy week.On this day commemorate the dead after the resurrection of Christ, hoping that they will be resurrected to eternal life.

Trinity Parent Saturday - a day of remembrance, calling the Holy Spirit to descend and cleanse the souls of all the departed forefathers from sin.

Demetrius Saturday - a day when the soldiers held a commemoration that was installed Dmitry Donskoy in the late 14th century.

Also that day, the fallen soldiers and commemorate the May 9 - the day when the fascist invaders were defeated, and the day Truncation head of John the Baptist (end of August).

All the days when there is a commemoration of the dead in the church held a solemn service and liturgy, prayer is offered for the dead, funeral candles are lighted.

On All Souls (Theophane the Recluse)

No one should be lazy to remember their parents, but must remember deceased and all other Orthodox Christians, and not only in the present day and at all times, every prayer.Sami's all there will be, let us need to pray that, like a beggar in a loaf of bread and a cup of water ... Do not be lazy as each prayer to remember all those who go down fathers and brothers.This will be his mercy ...